“Breaking Dawn” Movie Review

Since the latest Twilight production “Breaking Dawn Part 1″ released three weekends ago on November 18, 2011, its popularity has skyrocketed. With a plot geared towards young teenage girls, the film has already made noteworthy progress.

Since its release date, “Breaking Dawn Part 1″ stays strong at the top of the box office. The movie has already reached 16.9 million dollars. With this kind of money for one movie this early into its release, one can only imagine what kind of money the producers are making from the film as a whole.

In the movie, Bella chooses to marry vampire Edward and turns her back on her friendship with ware wolf Jacob. The two get married and soon after, Bella gives birth to a baby girl. During this scene, the baby is shown violently tearing at her mother’s flesh trying to get out. If normal birth scenes really do instill a dreaded terror in the hearts and minds of young girls, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of impact this would have. Obviously, this part is very gruesome and not recommended for the faint of heart.

In addition to its gruesomeness, the birth scene’s got another alarming asset to bear in mind. As a means of emphasizing the importance of what’s taking place here, the film makers felt it necessary to include a series of red and black flashing lights. Unfortunately, the lights are so bright that they’re actually causing some men in the audience to have seizures. So girls, if you thought you could get your boyfriend to go with you, don’t be too surprised if he uses this as an excuse not to go.

No doubt will “Breaking Dawn Part 1″ need a part 2. With all the Twilight rave, I expect to see much more coming from the series at the next break of dawn.

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