Bride Texts as She Walks Down the Aisle: Worst Cell Phone Faux Pas Ever?

COMMENTARY | There are lots of people who have bad manners when it comes to cell phones, and some may even have a full blown addiction to texting, but the bride who decided to text during her wedding surely takes the cake. She’d apparently hid the phone inside of her wedding gown, and shortly after her father walked her down the aisle, she puts her hand down her chest, pulls the phone out, and frantically texts away.

The preacher continued to talk about the sanctity of marriage, while Dad looked a little embarrassed to say the least. Can you imagine how the groom felt?

A professional videographer recorded the incident at the San Diego ceremony in the summer of 2008, and it’s just now getting the attention of the public. I wonder if this marriage is still intact. With the bride’s priorities a little skewed, I wouldn’t be surprised if their union didn’t survive.

The more popular cell phones have become, the worse the stories get. Just a few years ago, it was a common occurrence to see drivers texting as they navigated through congested highways, paying more attention to their phone than the road, but thankfully most states have laws against that now.

Of course, there are no laws against bad manners. The worst offenders seem to have no consideration for others whatsoever. Do they have no clue how rude they’re being, or do they just not care? If you find yourself relating to any of the following, it might be time to think about changing your cell phone behavior.

One of the worst offenses is leaving your cell phone on at the movie theater, and even more offensive is actually using it during the movie. I clearly recall one instance, when during the best part of a film, a woman’s phone started incessantly ringing to the tune of “The Munsters” theme song.

Instead of turning her phone off, the rude woman answered it and proceeded to have a loud conversation. Finally after a minute or so, she tells the caller she is in the theater and will return the call later. Movie moment ruined by boorish patron.

Restaurants are another location for common cell phone faux pas. Some diners just don’t care that everyone in the room can hear their conversation, and they apparently have no regard for the person they’re with either. I also do not want to hear you argue with your significant other or discuss your sex life in detail while you sit in a bathroom stall doing your business.

Common sense seems to go out the window when it comes to cell phones. Those who are the worst offenders will likely continue to have bad manners, regardless of the rules they obviously believe do not apply to them.

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