Bring on the “staycation”!

Although summer is over and the school year has begun, Labor Day is around the corner and is known to be a popular travel time for American families. Tropical Storm Irene and its hefty damage to so many parts of the east coast last week will have further dampened AAA’s Labor Day report. Nevertheless, the sheer volumes of travelers predicted for Labor Day travel is still very large. “For the upcoming Labor Day holiday travel period, AAA and IHS Global Insight expect that 31.5 million travelers will take trips of at least 50 miles away from home which represents a 2.4% decrease over the 32.3 million who traveled over the Labor Day holiday period in 2010. The decrease in expected travelers is a result of a mixed economic outlook and a high degree of uncertainty regarding the overall economy.” As so many people are affected with unemployment, lower wages and general uncertainty in this economy, staying home and making the best of your local offerings seems to be a wise choice.

Why “staycations”?
So many Americans today talk about having time off but no budget to take a vacation. Going away even for a short period can be pretty expensive and it seems more worthwhile to save up for a bigger trip in the future.When the going gets tough, the budget-conscious can stay local! Besides, vacation is a mindset not a destination. Do you agree? When you think of staying home instead of taking a trip, you perhaps envision relaxing in your own yard, building a campfire and enjoying the view of a star-filled sky. Sounds quite relaxing, doesn’t it!

Make it enjoyable

There are so many ways to keep a vacation state of mind and enjoy the luxury of your own abode while enjoying activities and outings that are not on the usual list. Here are some tips:

Hit the movies Catch the latest exhibits at local museums Find a fun picnic spot! Enjoy the tranquility and downtime of home Take scenic drives around your local area Schedule active sports

How to Make it Successful!

Schedule it! Get it on your calendar Declare it! Make it an official vacation Plan it! Get all the activities planned Enjoy it! Tune out from chores and other things that can just wait Record it! Keep the memories alive with pictures and videos

Just because you don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time off. There are many things that you just didn’t know about your hometown or places close by so explore and create new experiences. Taking time off is a bonus by itself!

By Ritu Mehta

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