Brock Lesnar Expects to Wrestle 1 More Match, Will Appear in “WWE 12″, Will He Return to WWE?

Today, Brock Lesnar said in an interview with ESPN that he expects to wrestle one more match for WWE in the future. Brock Lesnar also revealed that he would like to wrestle against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Lesnar never faced SCSA in match during his tenure with the WWE.

It was also announced that Brock Lesnar will be featured as a legend on the highly anticipated “WWE 12″ video game. Here is the clip of Brock on “WWE 12:”

Brock acknowledges that the WWE gave him the momentum to become very successful: I’m no idiot when I say that when I was with the WWE, the visibility from that company and what they did on a global network for ‘Brock Lesnar’ as a whole, put me on another level.”

Dana White told TMZ that is okay with Brock being featured on the game: “I love WWE and I have nothing but love for Vince McMahon – I’m totally okay with Brock being in the game.”

Despite White being okay with this, he hasn’t allowed Brock to appear on WWE Television. Brock Lesnar’s UFC contract prevents him from making any appearances on WWE Programming.

Brock was also asked if he would make a return to WWE: “It would have to be under the right circumstances,” “I don’t know if Mr. McMahon and I could come to the right circumstances. If it was good for me and good for him I think that we could do something. At the end of the day, my life, my character and my profession – I take them very seriously. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t help me or my family out, and it doesn’t make sense for me to do, then I don’t do it. Everything would have to fall in the right place, but would I consider it? Absolutely.”

It is well known that Brock hates WWE’s scheduling, and it was one of the many issues that easily convinced him to leave the WWE in 2003. However, Lesnar appearing on WWE’s upcoming “WWE 12″ game has restored hope to fans who want him to return to the WWE. Despite all this new Lesnar news, we’ll just have to wait until his UFC contract expires, and he’ll have to make the big decision.

Source: ESPN, IGN, Sports Entertainment Scoops, The Contributor

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