Budget Blooming Garden Ideas

As soon as the winter months blow away, your garden takes on a new look. And with a little preparation you can welcome the spring with blooming, low maintenance flowers. As early as March, you can start planting and preparing your garden for a long blooming season that will last all spring and summer long.

Flower mats

Instead of spending a fortune on potted floral pants, come March consider an easier and cheaper option. You can order roll out wild flower mats online. The seeds are embedded in a bio-degradable mat filled with sod and nutrients. Just roll the flower mat anywhere in your garden and water it. In no time you’ll have a field of wild flowers blooming in your garden.

Mulch garden makeover

If you have a wild, large garden, tame it easily with mulch and a bio-degradable tarp. You don’t have to pull out unruly weeds. Working to create a manicured border around your lawn, spread the garden tarp over the weeds and bare earth. Cut the tarp to fit the curves of your garden, then cover it with mulch, which you can order in bulk to save money. Finally scatter potted plants on the mulched areas for a blooming effect. (See the author’s mulch and tarp garden makeover.)

Morning glory vines

Take a walk in a wild park near your home. Look for morning glory vines, which bloom with white or purple-pink flowers. Alternatively, buy a pot of floral vines at a garden center. Since vines spread quickly, you can create a blooming garden with just a few cuttings of vine. Plant your vines beneath a trellis and train them to climb using green vinyl tape.

Blooming door arch

Look for a garden arch at a thrift store or on sale at a garden center or drug store. Next, place two potted plants on either side of your front door (on the outside). Stick the garden arch inside the pots and train the plant to climb along the metal bars. Jasmine is especially beautiful and fragrant in this blooming garden idea.

Wheelbarrow garden

Buy a cheap plastic wheelbarrow at a garden center. Drill drainage holes through its base, then spray paint the wheelbarrow with outdoor paint in a bright color, such as red or purple. Layer the bottom of the wheelbarrow with pebbles then potting soil. Plant beautiful, bright flowers, then display your wheelbarrow garden in a bare spot of your garden. If you need to wheel the flowers to chase the sun, that won’t be a problem.

Easy rose garden

Look for cheap rambling roses instead of expensive rose bushes. And smell the buds before you shop to make sure you end up with a fragrant rose. Plant your roses in a bare spot of your garden. Place two cheap metal trellises on either side of the bush and use fishing wire to secure the rambling branches to the trellis on invisible wires (see the author’s rose garden).

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