Budget Ideas for Storing Shoes

Storing shoes can be a real challenge, especially several pairs. They take up a tremendous amount of floor space in closets, under beds and in entryways. They should not be stacked one on top of the other or simply tossed into a bin. This is not a good way to store footwear of any variety. Not only does it look like a mess, but it ultimately ends up out of shape or damaged. Built-in wall storage is handy, but the cost can be out of reach when trying to stick to a budget. Use these budget ideas for storing shoes, and discover creative storage solutions for less. Footwear will be easy to find, and it will remain in good condition instead of smashed, misshapen or lost in a pile.

Consider Storing Shoes in Boxes Labeled with Photos

Sturdy cardboard boxes are used for storing shoes in retail settings because they are just the right size and ultimately the best option. Shoes are typically organized according to size and style, and because they are stored in boxes they remain undamaged and free from dust. The boxes are worth saving for storing shoes at home, and they can be used to hold everything from budget flip flops to expensive leather boots.

Save the shoeboxes that came with the shoes, and take a clear color photo of each pair. Tape the photos to the ends of the boxes for fast and easy identification. With this creative and practical way of storing shoes, you will never have to dig though boxes or pull them out of piles again. Best of all, the containers can be stacked on closet shelves or on the floor and organized as desired.

Shoes that did not come with boxes can be placed in extras obtained from shoe stores. They are easy on the budget since they are free for the taking. All you have to do is ask Store managers are usually very accommodating and more than happy to give them away.

Use a Budget Bookshelf for Storing Footwear

Who says you have to use organizers made especially for storing shoes? Just because something is labeled for a specific use does not mean that it must be used in that manner. Buy an inexpensive bookshelf when seeking practical methods of storing footwear. They can be lined up on the shelves and stored in a closet, behind a door or anywhere that space allows. Making use of vertical space is the best method of storing shoes of every type.

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