Burger King Considering Delivery Service: Is it Worth It?

Recently, there’s been talk of Burger King starting home delivery service. While it might seem like a dream of couch bound college frat boys, it’s actually already occurring in certain other countries.

In a recent article on Delish.com, it’s been reported that a minimum order of between $8 and $10 would be necessary, with an associated $2 delivery charge. While our family doesn’t eat a ton of fast food anymore, it’s still an occasional treat.

So what do you think? Is Burger King delivery service worth it? Will it work here in America?

Consider this…

It takes our family time to get to our local Burger King. There is the time to get the family together and ready, or if going alone, getting on shoes, coat, possibly out of pajamas and into pants, etc.

For a self-employed individual, even losing 15 or 20 minutes to go pick up food may be time that could be spent making money or at least doing something else productive. So not only may I be paying money to buy the food, but I’m losing money just to get there in the process.

Then we have the Chicagoland traffic to consider.

There is the gas spent to drive there, and the wear and tear of stop-and-start driving on the car, that while minimal, is there nonetheless. Add in the ever-present possibility of accident or injury, especially in an urban environment and with all the texters and cell phone talkers out there, and the list of benefits of Burger King home delivery service begins to grow.

While on their own, each little item might seem small, but combined, they can add up. Seeing as how our regular order for a family of three is around $8 and $10 anyway, the extra $2 delivery charge might be worth it.

A Hard Habit to Break

I actually find it somewhat tough though, thinking about picking up the phone and ordering Burger King rather than hitting the drive-thru. In actuality, I find that it might be a somewhat strange habit to break, but not impossible.

It Might Just Work

On those cold winter days, it might be nice not have to bundle up and battle the snow, ice, wind or rain, and head out into the darkness, or on those humid summer afternoons to have to blast the ac just to make it to the drive-thru window.

And when those late night cravings hit after a few too many drinks or during the ballgame that we don’t want to miss, it might be really nice to be able to order our food and not have to leave the comfort and privacy of our own home.

And with Burger King being the first to make such an attempt among their main competitors, they might make a niche for themselves that has up to this point remained relatively untouched.

Who knows? It might just work!


Bain, Zoe. Delish.com. “Will Burger King Bring its Delivery Service to the U.S.?” January 17, 2012 at 7:34AM http://www.delish.com/food/recalls-reviews/burger-king-tests-delivery January 19, 2012.

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