Cal Bears Face Oregon State Beavers in Big College Football Game on Saturday, Nov. 12

The 2011 California Golden Bears college football team may not have risen to their best performance at this point in the season. But they have a chance to get another win in their game on Nov. 12.

The Bears have one last home game in 2011, on this Saturday at AT&T Park, their temporary home stadium. You can bet that the Bears would love nothing more than to get a win in this game.

Tough Pac-12 Conference in 2011

Normally fans and alumni would hope for and expect that the Golden Bears would do really well in the Pac-12 and be one of the top teams. But things are different this year. The Pac-12 college football conference has some really good teams, some of the best in the country in fact.

The Bears had a real tough time in October when they lost to Oregon, USC and UCLA. These losses were too much for the Bears to remain competitive in the standings. That is why the Bears definitely need a win against the Oregon State Beavers this Saturday.

Why do the Bears need a win? Well, mostly because it could be their last realistic chance at a win this season. After this game they go on the road and face top-ranked Stanford on Nov. 19. And then after that they go even farther away when they play against Arizona State.

Take the Ferry to AT&T Park

This weekend’s game may be your last opportunity in 2011 to ride a ferry to AT&T Park and watch the Cal Bears play college football. Riding a ferry to a game is a very rare treat for any fan of college football in the Bay Area.

Take the Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry to watch the Cal Bears at AT&T Park. Just go to this website and you can find all the information you need for departing from Larkspur. If you’re not familiar with Larkspur, go to this page and you can get specific info about this fine city in the North Bay.

Cheer on the 2011 California Golden Bears college football team this weekend and the rest of the year. You will have a great time and you will not have to spend much money. The game is scheduled to start at 3:30pm PST. Check your local listings.

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