Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – How to Level Up Fast

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is much like the previous installments in the Modern Warfare series. Killstreaks are relatively similar, there’s still cheap builds that people use (but that’s for another time – otherwise search forums), there’s still screaming kids, the graphics are good (like any other Infinity Ward installment of the game) and so on.

But there are vast differences: Killstreak setups are different and are categorized in “Strike Packages”; you have three options to choose from – Assault, Support or Specialist. I’ll go more in-depth about these in another article, but I’ll give you the fundamentals now.

-Assault: Like before, all kills you get without dying go towards a killstreak. Once you die, the number resets to zero. The killstreaks in this list are more offensive.

-Support: A new breed of obtaining killstreaks, the Support list allows players to carry their killstreak counts even after death. Also, obtaining of objectives, such as capturing a Domination point, also help you obtain your killstreaks. The killstreaks in this list are more supportive rather than directly offensive.
-Specialist: You get no killstreakers; Rather, players obtain additional perks after a certain string of kills without dying. This can make for some innovative and powerful builds.

There are other differences, too, such as Call of Duty: Elite and such, but we’re here to talk about how to level up fast. As an avid gamer, I’ve found ways to level up as fast as possible in the Call of Duty games (without boosting).

Prestige Tokens
Luckily, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you also get “Prestige Tokens.” You initially get these tokens if you had previously prestiged in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and/or Call of Duty: Black Ops. You can use these tokens in a few different ways, but one way is the (cue angelic singing) access to Double Experience Points for a certain amount of time. I do not, however, suggest burning through these tokens JUST for double experience points – they can be used wisely in other areas, too.

When you have Double EXP activated, I highly suggest playing objective games. While Team Deatchmatch is great and all, as it is a classic game type, you accrue more points if you aggressively (and, in a smart manner) go for objectives AS you gain kills. 300 points for capturing a Domination point isn’t bad at all.

Be Supportive
It may seem so boring to run the Support killstreaks, but it’s not. No, they’re generally not as flashy and don’t net many kills, if any, but you can massive points. Also, you are practically guaranteed your killstreaks over time since you don’t lose your progress towards them when you die.

One killstreak I highly recommend is the Recon Drone. What the Recon Drone is is a remote controlled helicopter by you. Operating the Recon Drone makes you vulnerable while you’re using it, so hide well (no, you won’t respawn until the Recon Drone runs out if you’re killed while initially using it). What you can do is “tag” enemy players by highlighting them (hit the Right Trigger when they’re highlighted) so everyone can see them. Each tag you get nets you 50 points, and you fly for a good amount of time. When that player dies not only can you retag them, but you also get an Assist to boot. Couple these numbers with Double EXP and your points add up very, very fast, especially if you’re good at maneuvering the drone. Enemies are marked by red arrows if they can be seen.

The SAM Turret is also a great killstreak to use, as it takes down enemy killstreaks. Basically, you get it, plant it somewhere safe, and it’s free points. One time I forgot I even had one sitting randomly in a corner before it took out a few enemy UAVs in a row.

If you’re not going to use the Support Strike Package, another way to gain some nice experience points is to use anti-aircraft weaponry such as the Javelin, which also is a land lock-on weapon.

Challenge Yourself With… Challenges

It is imperative to complete as many challenges as possible. Sticking to one class and one general setup will hinder your ability to branch out and collect from a vast amount of challenges. Even a few hundred here and a few thousand there help out, especially when they build towards the larger tier challenges that are more valuable.

Players can mix it up their challenges by not only trying new weapons, but by trying new attachments, killstreaks, perks and more.

No, don’t showboating on online multiplayer showing how “elite” you are won’t help, but the installment of Call of Duty: Elite has many tools to help players hone their current skills and craft new ones. Use the maps to help create strategies and the weapons information to see what weapons can be innovative and effective weapon classes.

Ask The Community
The best feedback on how to get monster experience points, which weapons to use, as well as killstreaks and perks, is in forums. Real gamers conversing and debating the dynamics of the game show real depth to which strategies are truly effective (but remember: everyone has different play styles).

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