Can Water Help with Arthritis Pain?

Water is nature’s wonder drug. It helps in lubing the joints so they can have more movement and water helps get into the cartilage to give it a more of a cushion when you are moving. In the battle against your arthritis, it is important to consume as much water as you safely can to help the joints break the burden of the inflammation. When over 43 million people suffer from arthritis in American it is amazing how much water can contribute to their reduced pain or cure. The most common and essential element known to man can make your life with arthritis a little easier.

Not only water, but the quality of water is important when you are considering it as a part of your anti-arthritis goal. A lot of public water contains fluoride. Arthritis and osteoporosis are two diseases that are linked to fluoride and to take this chemical out of your system you have to make yet another life style choice. One way that you can take the fluoride out of the water is to install a reverse osmosis filtering system to your drinking supply of water at home. While out and about, bottled water is the best choice but make sure that you read the nutritional label because some bottled water companies put fluoride in their water also.

How does water help arthritis? Since arthritis pain comes from inflamed joints and joints that are not being cushioned properly, water acts as a lubricant that softens the cartilage and allows the cells in the cartilage to move easier and reduce the shock of movement. When water is available suction from the movement pulls the water from the bone marrow and to the joint cavity or area. The water helps the joint to glide back and forth easily. If there is not enough water, the joint will become stiff. It could irritate the tissue around it and cause inflammation.

Without enough water, not only are your joints not working properly and you are being set up for a lot of ailments, but the essential metabolism in your body will be out of whack. Water is essential in the chemical reactions that happen inside your body and without enough of it, many different ailments can occur including arthritis. A person with arthritis should drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water a day to keep this lubricating action going. Not only will you feel better and feel less pain, but the water will help many other systems in your body.

Another component in your drinking water could be calcium deposits. Your joints and cartilage have calcium in them since they work so closely with your bones. If you have more calcium then you need, calcium deposits can build up around the joint area and inflame the tissue which will lead to pain. A calcium deposit is like a spur or bump that goes against the natural movement of your joint. Just like a splinter in your finger, the spur is not a natural part of your system and your body will send anti-bodies to fight the infection. Like you finger the area around the spur will be inflamed and the pain associated with the inflammation will be present. Check with your local water treatment plant and look at the calcium levels in your drinking water. It would be even easier to buy bottled water and not even take the risk of in taking calcium and fluoride at all. You are what you eat, but you are also what you drink.

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