Can You Lift as Much as the Average Man?

Men have a long tradition of measuring their manliness by the amount of weight they can lift relative to others. Any man who has younger siblings probably knows the joy of feeling like you have superhuman strength. However, it’s only fair that a grown man measure his strength against other grown men. So, just how much can the average man lift, and can you beat him?

The Bench Press

While many will argue (rightfully so) that the bench press is not the best measure of a man’s overall strength, it has still been used for many decades as a popular means of assessing ones strength relative to other men. We’ve all heard this line: “So, how much can you bench?” It turns out that 165 lb man who does not lift weights can bench press an average of 119 lb. A 165 lb man who does lift weights can bench press an average of 152 lb.

The Squat

On the other side of the coin, we have squats. Those who aren’t concerned with bench press numbers will often tell you squats are what really count. Surprisingly, even though your legs are bigger, and therefore, more powerful muscles than your arms, most men cannot squat as much weight as they can bench. The average for a 165 lb man is 110 lb. An amateur weightlifter of the same size, however, can squat an average of 204 lb.

The Deadlift

Lastly, we come to the deadlift – a traditional exercise used in weightlifting competitions. Most men can deadlift more weight than they can bench press or squat. Now, you may look at that as a reason for why it’s the best measurement of strength or not. An untrained 165 lb man can deadlift an average of 137 lb; whereas, a 165 lb weightlifter can deadlift an average of 254 lb.

Does it Matter?

Unless you’re way below the average, which could indicate potential health problems, it really doesn’t matter if you can lift more or less than the average man, especially if you do not lift weights. If you can’t lift as much as the average man, you might want to consider lifting weights a few times per week. If you can lift more than the average man, whatever you’re doing is working. Oh, and keep in mind, averages are relative to weight. If you weigh 180 lb and you can lift more than the average 165 lb male, you’re not playing fairly; scale it up.

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