Candy Cane Valentine’s Day Cards: Recycled Candy Cane Crafts

If there is anything that seems to multiply like plastic Easter eggs, it’s candy canes. I haven’t bought candy canes in years but between school parties, church parties, gift tag attachments and Santa hand outs, my home still seems to be overrun with candy canes after the New Year. Don’t get me wrong. We love candy canes. We soak them in hot chocolate, bake them into cookies and even dip them in yogurt, but when we’ve had our fill it’s time for candy cane crafts. Just because Christmas has been all wrapped up, doesn’t mean you can’t use candy canes in crafts.

If you’ve got a duo of candy canes, then you’ve got a heart. Seriously, just position them together crook to crook and end and end and what do you see? What’s not to love about a candy cane heart?

Materials for a candy cane Valentine’s Day card are simple.

2 wrapped candy canes each

Card stock in a light color OR plain paper with thin cardboard to back it




Ribbon or yarn for a hanger

Stickers, glitter or photos are optional

The steps for a candy cane Valentine’s Day card are easy.

Place your two candy canes into the heart shape and trace the outside. Now you’ll be cutting inside of the lines so there gone. If you’re using card stock, it’s time to glue on your candy canes around the edge. White glue works just fine as long as you give it plenty of time to dry.

If you’re using plain paper, you’ll want to add a layer of thin cardboard like cereal boxes or shirt stuffers to give the Valentine enough strength to support the weight of the candy canes.

Now it’s time to decorate the inside with “lovely” messages created with markers, stickers, glitter or even little photos. Once your project is complete, turn it over and glue on the two ends of ribbon or yarn for the hanger.

These heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cards also make a cute Valentine’s Day party decoration. People want to know, can you still eat the candy canes? Yes, because they are still wrapped but as with any kid’s Valentine’s Day craft, be sure to use non-toxic glue. These creative Valentine’s Day gifts are especially sweet for delivering to shut ins.

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