Candy Jar Pumpkins

There are so many different elements to a Halloween party. You decorate the yard as well as the inside of the house. You make special foods – eerie or seasonal. There’s a lot of preparation to get the party ready but, in addition, you have to throw a completely different party this year than what you did last year, or the year before. That’s not so hard. After all, there are tons of foods and decorations from which to choose – whether you buy them or make them yourself. And, at this year’s party everyone will love a selection of candy you put out for them to enjoy. Sure, you can buy or make various candy jars but, when you use pumpkins to make them, you create a cute Halloween element that is not only food but decorations, too.

Use small pumpkins to make jar lids and you’ll have the most adorable accent for the food or candy table. The best pumpkins are ones which have stems long enough to grasp. A finished pumpkin jar head can really look unusual if the stalk of the pumpkin is especially long or curled. Place candies or other goodies in clear, glass jars then use the pumpkins as the lids. It’s not hard to decorate the jars using stickers, rubber stamps, or just paint markers. Draw a shirt or similar design on each jar and the pumpkins can become the heads for the Halloween characters.

Instead of carving faces into the pumpkins use craft supplies to make a different face on each pumpkin. Make one face using candy corn for eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Make another pumpkin face by using felt for eyes and pipe cleaners for ears. There are many different faces you can create by using craft supplies such as pom-poms, scrapbook paper, foil, cloves, feathers, beads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, tacks, and similar things.

Do away with the lids that came with the jars – if they had lids – and use the pumpkins to cover the jars. Align the pumpkin jars all in a row or set them, here and there, around the house. Guests can lift the pumpkin stem to get into the jar and then just set the pumpkin back on the jar.

The pumpkin candy jars are not only perfect for serving candy and goodies to your guests but they also make great Halloween gifts for kids and adults alike.
Pumpkin Candy Jars

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