Can’t take money with you

What does it profit a person who makes money just to throw away their home (Earth) in the pursuit of the almighty dollar? The have nots want what the haves have. And the haves do not care what they do or the consequences of their actions to keep their dollars and expand on their dollars.

It profits them nothing in the end they will have their money and that is all they will have. NO sense of accomplishment, NO sense of self worth, nothing. The worship of the almighty dollar will get them nothing but heart ache and damnation.

Because in the end it will profit all of us including the animal life we share our home with nothing, nothing at all. And the only thing we will have to show for our worship at the church of the almighty dollar, will be a dead planet and an extinct civilization.

So I ask again what and whom does it profit, this worship at the church of the almighty dollar? When we destroy our home and the others around us for the almighty dollar. It is just not worth it. We need to get over greed and over ourselves to evolve as a people.

Because money is just not worth it. Yeah it gives one better social standing if you have a lot of it. But if that is all it gives you then you have nothing. And the people of the world don’t care about you haves’ social standing, just your money and how they can get a piece of it.

So the question is begged to be asked again whom or what does it profit, when a person who is willing to step on the down trodden and lesser people just to get to the almighty dollar first? No one no one at all because we all lose in the end when we worship at the church of the almighty dollar.

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