Capitalism Vs. Corporatism

Capitalism is a wonderful system that allows all to achieve financial freedom. There is no known system that gives such an opportunity for all.

I have heard some individual messages from the Occupy Movement that make disparaging comments toward capitalism; yet this is simply a manifestation of frustration toward government and wall-street, and a lack of understanding the mechanics which caused our dire circumstances.

We can not blame capitalism for the corruption and greed that caused the destruction of the economy. A lack of adequate policing of the financial markets and congressional manipulation is the root of all economic evil. We have a broad and dynamic system of civil laws that are created to protect citizens as they go about their days. Citizens must obey road signs, respect others and others properties.

These laws are created and enforced for the best interest of society. We understand that 99 percent of the population may be very honorable and trustworthy, yet it is that one percent of the population that would run amok if allowed free reign to do so. This is why we need financial regulations.

When a corporation uses wealth and influence to manipulate our laws, they are creating unfair advantage in the system, and causing harm to all others. Purchasing a congressman vote, writing their own laws, they are creating more and more protections that allow them to do what should be criminal activities.

It was precisely this manipulation that allowed them to create the housing bubble and tie that to the stock market. Financial and Housing laws of protection were removed during the Bush years which left the playing field ripe for fraud. Corporations sending lobbyists to capital hill with sacs full of money, they “de-regulated” the industry which allowed them free reign.

For my passionate brothers and sisters involved with the Occupy Movement, I would like for you to understand it was not capitalism which is evil; rather it is the corporate influence and power which manipulates the system. Without proper policing of the financial markets, capitalism is ruined, to be replaced with what we are seeing more and more of, corporatism.

Corporatism is a self serving establishment made up of hundreds of mega wealthy institutions, who have fully bought our congress and legislators. This is a detriment to capitalism and crushes the middle class into an ever narrowing and limited state of poverty.

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