Captain Tory

Matt woke up one day think he would do something. He thought he could do something that wasn’t just sitting in his room reading his diary over and over again. He got up and started down the stairs of his modern house near the middle of northern California.

“Matt?” Asked his mother. “Is that you coming down?”

“It may.” Matt said sneakily.

“Come down I have something to show you.” She said half excitingly.

Oh great, Matt thought, I bet there going to give me ANOTHER book.

And so it was. Matt’s mom had gotten him another book to read. This was a problem for Matt because he had lost his love for reading years ago. When he first sees a book he usually thinks about where he is going to hide it. Not when he is going to read it. Matt probably wouldn’t get so many books if he was able to get outside more. But for him that’s almost impossible. What is he going to do outside? Since he lives in the middle of the forest he has no friends he can visit. He can’t do much with anyone. But one day Matt’s life will change forever. He will go onto an adventure that will last a lifetime. It may even end ones life too.

A couple of days after Matt’s mom gave him the new book in the Twilight tetralogy, something strange happened. It was a warm summer evening on the west cost seaboard. Matt was thinking of opening his window to let the breeze roll in. But the window opened itself. Yes itself. Not Matt, but itself.

Matt felt goose bumps roll up his spine. “Erg.” He said a loudly.

“O hi e mayte. I’m Captain Tory!” He said a mysterious voice. “How are you on this fine summer night?”

“Not bad I guess.” Matt responded with a nervous voice.

“Good enough to become a pirate?” Said the man.

“To a certain extent.” He said smartly.

“Follow me and we’ll make sure you become a pirate. How would you like to start out as my first mate?”

“I would love it” squealed Matt. Captain Tory could tell that Matt needed an adventure, and the captain had one planned out for him, a good one too.

The moon overhead was shinning so bright. Matt thought it was becoming dawn by the time they got to the harbor. The pebbles under his feet turned into grass as they walked to the railing of the shipyard.

“Quite the night.” Captain Tory said to break the silence.” You have to promise me that you won’t run away. What you are going to see will frighten you. But I believe that you cam overcome your fears. I believe that you can come on an adventure, an adventure you will never forget.”

And with that he swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner appeared. Ghostly whispers surround the two like water around a shell.

“Are those skeletons?” asked Matt.

“I think so,” Responded the captain. “But don’t worry they wont hurt us. There part of my crew.”

And with that they walked to the shore where the ship met them. To Matt it seemed that the boat was making any waves, or ripples for that matter.

“I’ve wanted to day to come for so long.” He exclaimed in amazement.

“I know.” Responded Captain Tory.

They started to walk onto the ship’s deck.

“This is amazing.” Said Matt.

“I know.” Responded Tory in a monotone voice.

“Where are we going?”

“Where going where the waves bring us. And hopefully we’ll find some treasure.”

The boat started to shake a bit, but after a while they were off on the silent sea. In the distance they could see a small cave. But they couldn’t see inside of it. This was probably because there were at least ten guards holding swords in front of it.

“Seems as though were going to meet some new friends.” Said one of the many crew members.

“Oh god.” Matt said.

“Don’t worry,” Captain Tory said. “You can just call me captain.”

They started to get closer to the cave. The cave was as gray as limestone. It actually probably was limestone if you think about it. The cave seemed to have one little pebble of bright white light coming from it. But that light turned into a large doorway by the time Matt could make out the skeletons guarding the cave.

“Are those skeletons?” Asked Matt.

“Yes. Have you not seen skeletons before? Have you seen any dead being?” responded Captain Tory

“No I have not because they aren’t real.”

“They aren’t real? What do you mean they aren’t real? Follow me; let me show you what’s real and what’s not real.”

Captain Tory started to walk towards a door in the stern of the ship, but Matt didn’t

“C’mon lad,” Said the Captain in an adventurous voice. “Before we land!”

And reluctantly Matt started to walk towards the Captain. They started to walk down the old squeaky stairs. The railing seemed to be some kind of bone, or tusk. It actually was a mammoth tusk to be exact. The stairs seemed to last for a lifetime. The yell of the ships crewmen getting ready to battle filled the ears of the young boy.

“Were almost there keep up the pace.” Captain Tory said to break the silence.

“I’m trying.” Responded Matt. “When I came for an adventure I didn’t expect I would be on an old appearing ship sailing towards a squad of skeletons guarding a mysterious cave.”

“Are you sure?” Asked Captain Tory.

“I think.”

“Never mind that. Let’s continue.”

They started to walk down a large hallway, an extremely large hallway. The biggest hallway in the history of man! But at the end was a door. A wooden door to be exact, probably oak too. The door started to open. But it wasn’t being pushed. But what was inside amazed Matt more than anything else he had ever seen.

“Are those,” Matt paused for a second in amazement. “Skeletons?”

“I think so.” Responded Captain Tory. “Want to check them-“

Then the boat shook. More violently then anything Matt had experience before. “What was that?” Matt asked.

“It seems we are within range of the guards. Are you ready to get the treasure?”

“The treasure? What is it?”

“Once we get there you’ll find out.” And with that they locked up the door and started back down the hallway. The extremely long hallway. The longest hallway in the history of man. The as fast as they got down to the door. They were up on the deck. Or what was left of the deck, now it was more of an atomic wasteland, Burnt and destroyed.

“What. What happened?” Asked Matt.

“We battled.” Responded the now sad Captain. And it was then when Matt noticed the bodies on the ground. It seemed that there were hundreds of bodies. Just scattered everywhere. But they couldn’t stop. They had to keep on going. There was no more going back now.

Captain Tory started to walk towards the bow of the ship which was half destroyed and made a nice walkway down to the ground.

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