Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

Cardboard boxes have always held a prominent place in the do-it-yourself Halloween costume lineup. It’s cheap, green and a great way to let kids express their creativity and make their own costume. But let’s say you want something more creative than the standard robot. Here are 15 creative costumes based on the cardboard box!


Paint white and red stripes on a cardboard box. Wad up some yellow construction paper to glue around the top.

Race Car

How can your child be a race car driver without a race car? Search online for instructions and patterns.


Transformer costumes are back due to the popularity of the movies. And their blocky shapes can be perfectly represented by shoe boxes and duct tape.


An update on the classic robot costume. Have your child collect candy in a red cooler like the one Wall-E carries to and from work.


If you’re in a hurry, you can just use high-gloss paint and draw six circles on the front. For a more 3-D look, you can glue some paper plates onto the front before painting.

Christmas Present

Kids can get creative designing the “wrapping paper.” Real ribbon will add a touch of texture to the present, and you can even put together a great bow as head wear.


Just pick your favorite color! Your “screen” can be an Apple logo or a sample playlist! Don’t forget the earbuds.

Juice box

Pick your favorite flavor. You can use the cardboard tube from wrapping paper for the straw.

French fries

A red-painted cardboard box easily becomes the fry box. You can use high-density foam or yellow pool noodles for the fries.

Rubics Cube

The simple version involves painting colored squares onto a box. If you want to get more complex, try to find three or four flatter boxes so they can be turned around and people can “solve” the puzzle.


Cut out the front panel of the box and glue some dials on the side. You can draw a “channel” or print off something from the Internet.


Cut out all sides of the box and line with blue or clear plastic. You can hang fish from the top of the box, glue them to the sides or even pin them on your clothes for a multi-dimentional look.

X Ray Machine

You can try to be as anatomically correct as possible, or get weird and creative.


A regular six-sided die is a favorite, but if you want to get really nerdy, try to make these multi-sided ones from Dungeons and Dragons.

Jack in the Box

A great way to reuse last year’s costume, just make yourself a ninja or princess Jack-in-the-Box.


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