Carlos Beltran is the Key to Giants’ Success

The Giants fell to the Pirates on Wednesday and finished their most recent home stand 3-7. The Giants scored a woeful 25 runs in 10 games. Prized acquisition Carlos Beltran was noticeably absent from the proceedings, as he nursed a sprained wrist. The Giants are a mere 4-10 with Beltran on the team and there is much speculation that his addition has hurt the Giants.

The 2010 Giants were built on the lovable loser motto. A band of misfits that together, through great chemistry rose above and conquered all other teams. This is not 2011. The 2011 Giants are a group of over amped and underperforming players who are still basking their World Series’ triumphs. The team is not performing since the All-Star Break, but Carlos Beltran is not to blame. In fact, Carlos Beltran could be the Giants’ salvation.

Beltran is far and away the best offensive talent the Giants have on their roster. Pablo Sandoval is a solid yet streaky hitter and Aubrey Huff is far removed from his triumphs of 2010. The fate of the Giants rests with Beltran. If he can be successful, the 3,4,5 of the Giants lineup might enough to get them into the postseason. Once there, it’s a Giant crapshoot, just like 2010.

Beltran has never homered at AT&T park in over 100 career at bats, and that can’t bode well for the switch hitter. But, if he can double with consistency the Giants will take it. These Giants are not a blow you away with tons of offense team, obviously. But they are at the point where a two run deficit is too much to overcome. If the Giants can average around four runs per game, they will win, frequently. Unfortunately, their 2.5 run average over the past few weeks isn’t getting it done.

The Giants starters are good, but not postseason dominant. They can’t be expected to pitch a shutout every game. It is too much pressure on the starters and on the bullpen to the point that they will not succeed.

Carlos Beltran needs to find it in himself to channel a younger Carlos Beltran and awaken within the Giants lineup. The season’s end is near and if the bats don’t pick it up, there might not be any postseason baseball in the city by the bay.

Source: Janie McCauley AP, McCutchen, Karstens deliver for Bucs in series win, Yahoo Sports

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