Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk: A Product Review

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk is a light solution that promises to add shine and frizz-free definition to natural curls. This “milky” solution is paraben-free and says it has no petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color. I have used this product numerous times on my afro to add shine and I previously used it as a part of my twisting regimen.

I first learned of this product after my big chop a few years ago. I had heard a lot about this product from television interviews of the founder, friends, online and by reading a few of the popular urban magazines. This is just one of many products offered by Carol’s Daughter. Many Naturalistas swear by this product-line. I decided to take a leap of faith and order from the Carol’s Daughter website given all of the positive statements made about the products. In case you are wondering, this product can also be purchased at Macy’s and JC Penny’s as well as HSN.

As a Shine Solution
I found that this product provided a good deal of shine to what can sometimes be dull, dry, kinky hair. On most days my hair really did respond well to this product. My hair seemed to just soak it up. The color tones became richer and thankfully, this milky solution did not turn my hair white. However, there were also those days in which my kinky locs suffered a bit of shrinkage with the application of this product or it seemed as if the product just bounced off and had not effect.

As a Twisting Lotion
As a twisting lotion,I found that this product worked very well. It definitely sofened my hair and it did a great job stretching my hair and holding my twists together. It was not too drying and it proved to be an excellent alternative to another product I was using previously.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk only has one con as far as I am concerned and that is the aroma. Initially, it smells quite sweet and does not seem so bad, but within a few hours of having this product in your hair, it can be a bit over-powering the senses.

Does it Define Curls?
I’m not so sure that I could claim curl definiion with this product, but it may simply be because my hair is somewhat coil-like in some areas. I think this product probably works well on someone with true natural curls, but for the 4C types like me, I’m not sure if this product can really offer a curl pattern without the assistance of a rod-set or good twist-out.

I do recommend this product to Naturalistas, however if you have sensitivities to some aromas, beware.

I give this product 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

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