Casey Anthony’s Psych Evaluations

Two mental health experts who spent hours evaluating Casey Anthony heard many bizarre and strange things come from Casey. The depositions recently were unsealed, and they show that Casey said she thought that her father, George Anthony, was Caylee’s father and he might have killed Caylee. This was only one of many stories she told.

Casey said she’d been molested by her father from a very early age and this is what led her to believe it was George Anthony who fathered Caylee. Not only did George adamantly deny ever molesting Casey or anyone else, the DNA tests proved Casey wrong.

In July of 2008, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony went missing and a long line of lies coming from Casey offered up many stories of her daughter’s disappearance and how she died. These depositions also show that Casey thought George might have murdered Caylee and disposed of her body. While some of this played out in court, the confusion and lack of evidence awarded Casey Anthony her freedom.

Nancy Grace said Casey changed her story 13 times. The evidence that came out of the psych eval depositions was never used in the court because the defense knew it was all lies, said Grace.

The psych evaluations became public documents, as they’re done for a court case and ordered by the judge. If Anthony had gone to a mental health professional on her own for help, those records would fall under the confidentiality clause, but being evaluated for court is a different story. The Orlando Sentinel offers some of the notes taken during the evaluations.

Some of the stories coming out of these depositions are, Casey was date raped and that’s how Caylee was conceived, she didn’t know who her daughter’s father was, she attended a party and blacked out as someone probably spiked her drink and of course that her father got her pregnant. The stories are all so bizarre and twisted that chances are no one will ever find out what really happened to Caylee Anthony.

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