Catch Me If You Can

Detective Sarah Tyler, Baton Rouge Homicide Detective, this week was no different then any other week or so she thought.
“Common Sarah, don’t close your eyes, stay with me, common Sarah stay with me. Sarah!” Detective Robert Jones said panicked as he applied pressure to the stab wound in her abdomen. “Where’s my damn medic?!?”

One week earlier…

Detective Sarah Tyler just received a call about a dead body in an apartment on 22ND Street.

“Hey Abigail, so what do we have?” Detective Tyler asked the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Abigail Scott.
“Caucasian, Female, 22 years old, single stab wound to the abdomen, killed 5 hours ago.” Dr. Scott replied.
“Are there any signs of sexual assault?” Detective Tyler questioned.
“Yes there are signs of sexual intercourse after she was dead.”

“Hey Sarah,” Detective Robert Jones greeted. “So our victim is Isabel Owens, I learned from the land lord that she kept to herself, payed her rent on time, and she never caused a problem. I also found out that she worked at the Ha-Ha Cafe on Jefferson Street.”
“Okay, where’s Detective Hobbs?” Detective Tyler questioned.
“I sent him over to her work place to check out her co-workers.”
“Good, I need you to go back to the precinct and start a background check on our victim.”
“Sure, Sarah.”

Ms. Owens was then placed on a gurney and carried out and back to the precinct for her autopsy. Detective Jones went back to the precinct to start the background check. Detective Tyler went back to the precinct to oversee the autopsy.

Detective Andrew Hobbs came back to the precinct, “Where’s Sarah?”
“She is done in autopsy she should be back up here in just a minute.” Detective Jones replied.

Detective Tyler came back up in the elevator to the bull pen.

“So Dr. Scott confirms that she died from on single stab wound to the abdomen and that there was sexual intercourse after she was killed.” Detective Tyler said. “Detective Hobbs, what did you find out about our victim from her co-workers?”
“No boyfriends that any of them knew of, never had any problems at work, did her work efficiently and quietly.” Detective Hobbs answered.
“Okay, Detective Jones what did you find from the background check?” Detective Tyler questioned.
“She got her GED a couple of months ago, her parents died 2 years ago, she has no family left and she has not even had a ticket.”
“So all we really have to go on is that her attacker is a male.” Detective Tyler said. “Okay well it’s late guys let’s all go home and pick this up tomorrow.”

Everyone leaves and goes home to have a fresh start for tomorrow, only to be woken in the wee hours of the morning with another body killed in the same way.

Detective Tyler arrives at another small apartment on Rhode Island Drive.

“Good morning, Abigail, Jones, Hobbs, what do we have?” Detective Tyler asked.
“Caucasian, Female, 21 year old, single stab wound to the abdomen, killed approximately 3 hours ago, signs of sexual intercourse after she was dead.” Dr. Scott replied.
“Victim was Rachel Wilson, worked at the post office on Hamilton Avenue. Never caused any trouble and payed rent on time.” Detective Jones said.
“The post office is going to open in a hour and I will be talking to her co-workers.” Detective Hobbs said as he left the room.
“Jones go and do a background check on our victim and see if Ms.Owens and Ms. Wilson have ever crossed paths.” Detective Tyler said.

Yet again Ms. Wilson was placed on a gurney and carried out, Detective Hobbs was interviewing co-workers, Detective Jones was running a background check, and Detective Tyler was preparing to over see an autopsy.

Everyone then meet in the bull pen to discuss their findings.

“I ran the background check no connection between victims, graduated high school, parents died, no family, and no run in with the law.” Detective Jones said.
“According to her co-workers no boyfriend, no problems at work, and she was quiet and did her work efficiently.” Detective Hobbs said.
“Okay and according to Dr. Scott the stab wound was by the same weapon, signs of sexual intercourse after she died, the DNA is male and is a match to the DNA found on the other victim.” Detective Tyler said. “Two female victims killed only hours apart with no connection found, and the DNA is not in the system. Everyone lets go home get cleaned up and come back here in two hours.”

Everyone left and went to their homes like normal, and everything seem normal for Detective Tyler until she was ambushed in her bedroom by an unknown male attacker.

Detective Tyler fought hard until she was stabbed in her abdomen, at least she was able to reach her cell phone to call for help.

Sarah lay bleeding on the floor for twenty minutes before any helped arrived.

“Baton Rouge police, put the knife down, and step away from Sarah.” Detective Jones yelled followed by Detective Hobbs.
“Do it now!” Detective Hobbs yelled.

Then the attacker took Sarah’s gun from the area of which he slid it on the floor and turned around and walked towards both of the detectives. The detectives then shot the attacker.

Detective Jones ran over to Sarah and put pressure on the wound that was caused by the attacker, while Detective Hobbs called a paramedic.

“Common Sarah, don’t close your eyes, stay with me, common Sarah. Sarah!” Detective Jones said as he applied more pressure to the wound. “Where’s my damn medic?!?”

“Sir, please move.” The paramedic said as he and his partner were attending to Sarah. After checking all of her vitals they panicked and began slowly placing her on the gurney and getting her outside and into the ambulance and to the hospital before she lost anymore blood.

Detective Jones and Detective Hobbs followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital. Sarah was immeaditly rushed to surgery.

“Sarah Tyler,” the doctor said as he walked towards the people in the waiting room. Both of the detectives stood. “The stab missed all the internal organs, and she will make a full recovery. You may go in and see her .”

“Thank you.” Detective Jones said as he and Detective Hobbs walked into Sarah’s room.

“Hey Sarah,” Detective Hobbs said when he entered the room. “We got the guy.”

“That’s great.” Sarah said.

“And the doctors say your going to make a full recovery.” Detective Jones said.

“Even better.” Sarah said.

Things go from bad to worse in the life of Baton Rouge Homicide Detective Sarah Tyler, but she always pulls through it.

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