Cats – a Love Story

Why do I love cats? Let me count the ways.

Before you think this is a tome about the merits of cats versus dogs, let me make it clear that I also love dogs in all of their drooling splendor. But this is why I love cats (more).

I have made it a hobby to observe and ponder upon the nature and peculiarities of my three cats: Minnie, Crystal and Paloma. I cannot say that I completely understand them yet, but since I started working out of my home, I have had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of my furry housemates.

And furry is the operative word here. I know that dogs shed as much as cats, but cats are more mobile giving them opportunity to leave their fur in the most unlikely of places. I ask you, how does fur pass through a closet door which is always shut except for when I retrieve my clothes? Now I am speaking of the clothes I do not wear in the house or sit down while I am wearing. These are my “get dressed right before I leave and then dash out the door” clothes. Yet, somehow they become fur-licious.

I suppose that cat hair contamination is to be expected, the same as scratched sofas. Yet I still love my feline beasts. Since I stated that I would count the ways that I love cats, I hereby announce some of those reasons.

1. The way their nose wiggles like a bunny nose when they smell something. I actually think cats are rabbit-wannabe’s, especially considering how they “bunny kick” any prey – real or toy – which dares to get close to those back legs.

2. Kitty butts are terribly cute, especially on long-haired cats (let’s face it, we don’t want too much information). I gave the nickname of Hammer Pants to my long-haired tuxedo, Crystal – as in M.C. Hammer – since when she walks away from me the rear view looks like she is wearing furry Hammer Pants (you know…how they are large and then taper down at the ankle).

3. Hopefully you won’t think I am obsessed with kitty butts when I also add that I love how they raise their rear ends when you scratch them right near where the back and tail meet. I have heard the term of “elevator butt” given to this (don’t you just love it). This is the cat equivalent of a dog’s leg thumping when it is scratched in the right place.

4. Have you ever really looked at the pads of your feline’s feet? Talk about cute. Some are black and some are pink and some are a combination pack.

5. And who can resist the potato bug sleeping position, asleep in a perfect round circle? A variation of this includes extending the front paws over the eyes, a specialty of my girl, Paloma. And then there is the tunneler, just like my Minnie, who will tunnel underneath any blanket, throw or piece of clothing. Why, did that sweater have a tail sticking out of the side when I bought it?

6. An observation of how many eat also warms the heart of any cat lover. Personally, if I had to eat a bowl of dry food without using my hands, I would simply stick my face into it and only come up for air when necessary. But not the cat. The method I have seen employed is to remove the food, one piece at a time, place it on the floor, and then pick it back up and chew, swallow, repeat. So very dainty, indeed.

I could go on and on in waxing philosophic as to why cats are so lovable, but I must stop myself. Perhaps I’ll teach myself to embroider and continue my story in pillows using shed cat hair spun into thread. Yes, I can see it now.

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