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Ever have a dream where you’re about to die but wake up before you do so? What if all those times, a piece of you really did die? What if our dreams keep the Earth spinning, but at the expense of our soul?…The word ‘dream’ has generally positive connotations, because many associate it with following your heart and doing what gives you joy. But what if our dreams are connected to our thoughts? What if, intentionally or not, every thought we have somehow comes to fruition? ‘I want that car.’ ‘I want those shoes.’ ‘I’m jealous of him/her for having that car/those shoes.’ It’s very easy for our thoughts to be consumed by desire, which in turn leads to envy over what we want but don’t have. In this way, we may wish harm to others for having these things, even if ‘things’ means someone else having a better life than us… Maybe this is really what the law of karma is- We do get back what we give, but in ways unexpected to us. It seems people automatically believe karma will come in a package directly associated with the negative thoughts they give out- i.e., wishing harm on someone or something will cause harm to come back to you from this person or thing. It might baffle some that wishing harm or bad fortune on another may cause one to eventually get a flat tire, be evicted, receive an expectedly large bill, or any general woe that comes with daily, societal life. These seemingly small issues build up, causing us to produce more negative emotions regarding people and the world- and the cycle continues…Some believe in the law of attraction- whereby positive thinking causes eventual positive change. Positive thinking definitely opens up many possibilities and can lead to positive change. But I wonder how much of these positive thoughts consist of wishes for material gain, and if so, do these self-induced wishes have unforeseen consequences? Furthermore, what if those running our nations used such methods? A positive wish for one could consist of harm being done to another…Do our thoughts then produce genies which become more powerful the more wishes we make? Does this somehow impact or obliterate our memories?

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