Celebrity Beauty Tips

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look so perfect and wished that could be you? This article should hold the answers as we explore celebrity beauty tricks of the trade.

Rule number one, always remove make uo before going to bed.This nasty habit does a lot of damage to your skin, including causing awful blemishes. Glamour magazine has reported that Cameron Diaz uses only Evian bottled water to rinse her skin. According to Us Weekly, Natalie Portman, and other celebrities, choose budget friendly Cetaphil. It happens to be recommended by dermatologists and it cleanses and moisturizes for only $9.00. On the other hand, Courtney Cox has been known to use Kinerase, Gentle Daily Cleansers .Their product is ultra-gentle for normal to sensitive skin. These products start at around $72.00. Jennifer Anniston keeps it simple and uses good old Neutrogena Face Soap! According to Neutrogena’s website, this cleanser is pure and gentle as it removes excess oils and rinses clean with no pore clogging residue for $3.00. Finally, according to Beauty Expert Diane Irons, you can make your own cleanser! Simply mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of finely ground almonds, and one-half teaspoon of lemon juice. Rub this gently over face to cleanse. You may find more of her tips at dianeirons.com

Here is a secret that celebrities have been taking advantage of that will help even the most troubled skin look amazing. Photobase Silicone Foundation Primer is available at J.W. Cosmetics, www.jwcosmetics.com. This should be the first product applied to your skin after you cleanse. Photobase covers large pores, acne, blemishes, fine lines and even wrinkles! Your face will look flawless before the first application of make up is applied. In addition, this primer provides a “grip” to increase wear of your foundation. Photobase Primer starts at $14 for 1 ounce. Another silicone primer, MAKE UP FOREVER, is an oil free foundation primer formulated for oily skin. It starts at $45 and is available at Sephora.www.sephora.com. Another option is the MAKE UP FOREVER Mist and Fix. This light spray sets all types of make up and prolongs hold, even in excessive heat. This spray starts at $8.00 and goes up to $ 27.00.

There are a few secret weapons with regard to foundation. First, you must find the right color for your skin tone. Many drug stores let you test the color before you buy, or ask for help at any department store make up counter. One tip is to put the color you are considering on the side of your neck. If it blends and is not noticeable, you have found your color. You can apply foundation using a brush, for more coverage, a sponge or your fingers. Some make up artists claim using your fingers warms the foundation, making it easier to apply. According to Allure, celebrity make up artists use a brush to paint on the concealer after foundation has been applied to lighten dark spots.

Powder is a make up staple that you must have to complete your look. Some celebrities go for the matte powder, but many are using lighter versions that trick the eye. Glamour has reported Kirstin Dunst likes Prescriptives Magic Powder, which is perfect for dry skin.According to their website, www.prescriptives.com, it also diffuses light to minimize the look of lines, pores and wrinkles. These products are used as a mist to go over foundation and cost around $38.00. There are hundreds of powders to choose ranging from pressed matte for full coverage to lose mineral powders for a natural look. No matter what powder you pick, inevitably you will get shiny. Diane Irons recommends separating a tissue or in a pinch, toilet paper, and gently blot the oil off.

When looking for that sun kissed look, bronzers, spray tans and self tanners are celebrities secret weapons. Bronzers should never be more than two shades darker than your skin tone. Make up gurus like Bobbi Brown advise applying bronzer to places the sun would naturally color your face, nose, checks, chin and forehead.The secret to self tanners is to exfoliate before application. According to their website, celebs like Jennifer Anniston use Dove Energy Glow Beauty Lotion with Self Tanners before applying a tanner to avoid streaks. Celebrity Beauty Tip Goldmine reports the preferred self tanner for Britney Spears, Kelly Ripa and more, is Fake Bake. www.fakebake.com. Mystic spray tan is another celebrity favorite and it is super easy to get. Just jump in the Mystic booth (look for these at tanning salons) and in 5 minutes you are tan for about $30.00.

Celebrities also use these tanners to create cleavage and thin thighs! Bronzing Guru, Meredith Baraf explains that to create cleavage, you must:

*1/2 hour after self tanner application, put on your push up bra * Use an aerosol spray tanner to mist the M shaped indention created by the bra *Wait 15 minutes to dry.

This makes this area appear darker and more defined. To thin thighs, use a powder body bronzer to darken the sides of each thigh. The darker skin absorbs light and then it reflects it which make the sides of the legs recede.

Blush can compliment or make you look like a clown, make sure you have the right color. Pink is more flattering to pale skin. Those with a medium skin tone should go for a dark pink or even light bronze. If your skin has yellow tones, you should lean towards plum and berry colors. In her book, Bargain Beauty Secrets, Diane Irons explains celebrities often use vaseline on their cheeks, eyes and lips for a chic shine.And here’s another trick that will get your skin glowing. Apply Pepto Bismol,all over your face, let it set and rinse. Your skin will have a mega glow because of the amount of salicylic acid in the Pepto!

Celebrities seem to love a smokey eye. Cosmopolitan advises that for a smokey deep smudge, run hot water over your eye pencil or warm the tip using a hairdryer.This softens the pencil and makes for a deeper smudge. Kim Kardashian’s eye make up secret is using Ardell Lashes for $3.49. The trick is to cut the faux lash off at the inside corner of the eye at an angle to taper off the lash. The result is the gorgeous smokey eye. Smokey eye or not, here’s a celeb tip for application. Avoid eye shadow creasing by powdering the eyelid first. When the natural oils in your skin mix with the eye shadow, creasing occurs-that’s what causes the unattractive look of shadow collected in the folds of your upper lids. If you are doing a smokey eye, apply a similar shade of shadow over the eyeliner. If the liner smudges, clean it with a damp cotton swab. To make your eyes appear wide, use a shimmery beige shadow from your eye lid to the brow bone. Use a slightly darker shade on your lids for definition. Another eye trick helps your small eyes appear larger. First, stay away from dark shadows and liners. Instead, apply a light shadow on lids and use a medium color on the crease. Use shimmery shades in the corner of each eye to help create space on close-set eyes. This softens the pencil and makes for a deeper smudge.

In Bargain Beauty Secrets, Diane Irons advises to use a toothbrush to exfoliate lips. Also, we learn many celebrity make up artists use a brush to dip into different color lipstick tubes and mix the colors on wax paper until you get the color you want! And, if you are into the popular plump pout, but lack the cash for collagen injections, try cinnamon oil. The oil brings more blood flow to your lips, which causes swelling/plumping,

Hopefully these tips will help you bring out your beauty from within.

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