Change the World: Volunteer

How many lives can you touch with one simple action? You may not believe it. Volunteering is a way to touch lives and change the world.

You may be thinking about your busy schedule. How can you fit volunteer work in with everything you have to do? You may find it easier than you think. As an example, you could make neck scarves and baby blankets while you watch television at night. A simple crochet hook, some yarn and a bit of knowledge could keep a child from freezing to death or keep a soldier warm.

There are two things that you will need to do to find the right volunteer match. You’ll need to choose the organization you want to work with and find a niche that you can fill. For those with time in the evenings, it might be to lead a Scout troop or a Bible study class. If you have time during the day, it might be delivering meals to people who can’t get out or easily prepare their own food.

These are small areas, though they do take time. Do you want to do something bigger? Volunteer for organizations that build housing for the homeless, go to the scenes of natural disasters to help the victims or help a project bringing clean drinking water to areas that don’t have it.

There are many benefits to volunteering. Those who you help will be appreciative. Having a roof over your head after months/years of living on the streets is a big comfort. Not having to hike two miles to a questionable water supply, then carry the water back removes a great burden from the backs of many women and children.

Having a visitor who brings a meal can make the day of the person who receives it. Many shutins don’t have visitors. They get very lonely, which can lead to depression and death. That little visit could dispel that feeling and keep the person oriented and alive.

Volunteering helps the volunteer as well. It feels good to help others. It shows us how lucky we are to have a home, indoor plumbing and our health. It’s also helpful for getting into colleges and finding a job. Volunteer work shows initiative and a willingness to work.

Yes, you can change the world, whether it’s one person at a time or whole communities. All you have to do is find the right spot.

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