Chasing Dreams

How do you chase a dream when no part of its real

It’s just part of your mind, it’s not something you feel

It cannot be touched or hugged or even held tight

But it’s there, inside, alive and that makes it right

To bring it out in the world with space of its own

It’s not easy, it’s hard work if the truth be known

We must first say our prayers and not miss a night

And wait for our chance when the feeling is just right

Our faith must be tested and we surely know why

It’s a dream for goodness sake not something we buy

If we never give up hope and always believe

Then maybe catching a dream we just might achieve

We must be found worthy, our commitment stay strong

When our hearts are full of love, Dreams are never wrong

But catching a dream remains an elusive task

You end up with The Lord giving you, just what you ask

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