Chicago Department of Health Offering Free Flu Shots

Enjoy this nice mild weather while it lasts. Soon, the temps will be taking the plunge. Brrrr! Colds and flu come with the season unfortunately, so it’s time to prepare yourself and your health for the winter bugs that may come calling.

Stock up on plenty of tissues, chicken soup, and cold remedies, but hey, you may not even need them if you arm yourself with protection–get a flu shot. Why take chances? Being sick is a bummer and now the City of Chicago is making it easy for every Chi-Town citizen to stay healthy this cold season. Getting that flu shot helps you stay in the action, miss less days from school and work, so you can get more done; feel your best even in winter.

The flu shots will be available across the metro areas. Here’s where to go:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011– 44th Ward, Lincoln Park Plaza, 600 W. Diversey; 10am-1pm. The 5th Ward, Don Nash Center, 1833 E. 71st, 12pm-3pm; and the Chicago Police Department, Area 2, 727 E. 111th St., 9am-3pm.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011– 37th Ward Office, 5346 W. North, 9am-3pm; Abbott Park Satellite Senior Center, 45 E. 95th Street, 10am-1pm; and the 21st Ward, 9612 S. Halsted, 10am-1pm.

Thursday, October 20, 2011–
Pilsen Satellite Senior Center, 2021 S. Morgan, 10am-1pm; Chicago Police Department, Area 5, 5555 W. Grand, 9am-3pm; The 13th Ward, West Lawn, 4233 W. 65th, 9am-3pm.

Friday, October 21, 2011– Chicago Police Department, 3510 S. Michigan, 9am-3pm. The 10th Ward, Knight of Columbus, 11207 S. Ewing, 9am-3pm.

Here are a few things you can do to boost the power of your flu shot and maintain good health during the winter months: all family members, young, small, and tall, wash hands regularly with soap and water. Keep surfaces clean–bathroom, kitchen counter, fridge door, remote control, door knobs, telephones and computer keyboards. Do not share cups, straws,or anything that goes in the mouth. Eat a healthy diet. Include grains, more fruits and veggies. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water and real fruit juices. Exercise, walk, work out, and stay fit to fight off sickness and maintain energy. Rest your body at night with the proper hours of sleep. Bundle up when you go outdoors with the right amount of layers. Finally, don’t smoke. Avoid second hand smoke that can impair the ability of your mucous and cilia to trap dust and microbes that can carry flu viruses.

For a complete list of the City of Chicago’s Influenza Vaccination Clinics, go here. Get more information on the flu drive here.

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