Children of Poseidon

In a day and age, where the world as we once knew it changed beyond our wildest dreams, thought, fantasies the human race is in a time of war. The planets continental drift has reshaped the face of our planet. This has resulted in the creation of new boarders among man and a redistribution of resources by Mother Nature rendering some land plentiful with an abundance of fruit and other with dry lifeless land. Politics and war is the atmosphere of our time, we know nothing more. We fight for land, power and resources but most of all survival. It is a time of worry; it is a time of fear. Ideologies of mad man have captured the hearts of millions who follow them blindly in a regime of oppression. Not us, we fight to live and to live free but the journey has been hard. We have been banished to the seas while they rule on land. All is about to change, we are on the brink of a new age, a new era. After so much time we are now ready to take this war to proportion humanity has yet to reach. This very war may bring us to the brink of humanity. After it is all said and done there will be piece on earth with or without the human race.

We are under the command of the very capable young Captain Zema Bartoszewicz. She is quite a sight, long black hair, pale skin and an eye patch covering her robotic eye. I know nothing of the realm of technology but her eye scares me. It is fully functional and surpasses the vision of a near human and even has specialized animal visions according to their need. The first time I saw it, it seemed to be looking everywhere at once, like the Horus. Maybe that’s why she keeps it covered; it can’t be fun seeing everything so fast. She is the daughter of a mad scientist with big ambitions of revolutionizing the world of technology. So naturally she takes after her father in that respects but her beauty comes from her mother. Her mother was the daughter of the leader of the opposition, or enemy. He is a mean and cruel man with no space for sympathy in his heart. He let parish the lives of millions so that his tribe of obese pigs can thrive and feast on the fruits of the earth. When he found out that a mad scientist was frolicking with his beloved daughter he sent his best man to kill him and bring her back. It ended badly, no one knows what really happened but her parents both died. Through all that Captain Zema survived, her existence was not known. Her grandfather from her father’s side took her and raised her. There are so many unanswered questions about her pass that worries me. She never speaks of it and no asks about it either. It must be hard to know that the man who killed your parents is your grandfather. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s strong, she has to be. For her sake and for or sake, she has to be strong. We believe in her and her ability, she has kept us alive this long.

The enemy is a powerful enemy are rules everything above sea level. They have more resources and more man power than we can ever hope to harness. Through the means of innovative minds humans have found ways for genetically engineer DNA creating new beast like creatures. Technology has been perfected to the point where humans substitute robotic parts for limbs and organs, enhancing their performance. They are playing God on earth. They are farming humans and wild best as if they were plants. If you’re wondering where God is in this picture, it seems that he has forgotten about us. No matter, we have managed to survive this long.

We live in underwater colonies spread out throughout the sea floor at depth that cannot be located. We take special precautions to ensure that their locations remain secret of the sake of our survival. We monitor any vessel in that is 2 miles way from shore and ambush any venerable ships. We make do with what we have. We also have sea vessel that can reach any depth below the sea. They are our live line with them we have nothing. They connect us with the world above the sea, which every so often we must visit. The vessels are equipped with arsenal what surpass that of our enemy evening out the tables. That is nothing compared the new inventions create by our Captain Zema. She has made a contraption beyond my understanding but it usage is clear. This thing can end all life above ground.

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