Christmas Shop from Home Décor Catalogs

This year, do your Christmas shopping with a home décor catalog. Many companies are offering discounts, and some offer free shipping with orders of certain amounts. Other offer free shipping on all orders. Here are 7 reasons to Christmas shop from home décor catalogs.

1. Catalogs carry decorative items as well as functional items. These products are often not available in local stores. Many times, customers are able to order items costing far less than from department stores.

2. Shipping is a wonderful advantage to catalog shopping. Most catalogs offer gift shipping, meaning you can have your purchased delivered to the recipient for little to no cost. Gift wrapping and gift cards are offered by many companies, many for a small charge or free.

3. Name brands items, as well as off name and generic items are available from home décor catalogs. Those items marked “as seen on TV,” are offered, but with a difference. If the item fails, the catalog’s policy on returns and refunds are often better than buying from the TV advertisement. Clearance items are often sold “as is,” with no returns.

4. Home décor catalogs offer items for outdoor decorating as well as indoor. Lighting, sculptures, flags, wind chimes and a plethora of other items await eager shoppers. Purchase from one or many different catalogs to complete your Christmas shopping. Compare prices between catalogs to maximize savings.

5. Choose matching bedroom linens, curtains and furniture from one or more catalogs. Purchase furniture, decorations, electronics and even flooring. Jewelry, handbags, clothing and gift boxes are offered by many catalogs.

6. Another advantage of shopping from home décorating catalogs is the ability to have gifts personalized, often at no extra charge. This is in addition to gift shipping, free shipping, gift wrapping and providing gift cards for the shopper. You don’t have to wrap, box, wrap, get the item to the post office and pay for shipping, gas and time. Some catalogs allow the shopper to choose the delivery date so Christmas gifts do not arrive too early or late.

7. Home décor catalogs offer another advantage for Christmas shoppers. Off-season items may be discounted higher than in big box or department stores. While many stores remove off-season items off the shelves and place them out of sight. Catalogs allow customers to order from seasonal as well as current issues. Calling customer service or visiting the catalog’s website will reveal sale items.

Christmas shopping does not have to be a stressful time. By utilizing home décor catalogs, it can be as easy as turning pages, calling an order number, using a website or filling out a form and mailing with payment. All your Christmas purchases will be delivered to the recipients, saving you time, frustration and money. Check out the many catalogs for your shopping today.

Source: The author of this article has over 40 years of experience in diverse forms of DIY, home improvement and repair, crafting, designing, and building furniture, outdoor projects and more.

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