Cinnamon Christmas

Slumbering children all tucked into red plaid flannel sheets;
Sounds of sleeping softly sails into Old St. Nick’s ears;
Sitting atop the table was a plate of delightful cinnamon treats;
St. Nick rubbed his bouncing belly and chuckled at the delicious pair.
The red, white, and green Tennabaum sparkled and danced;
Glowing smoky logs crackled and popped in the large brick fireplace;
Another rumbling chuckle escaped as St. Nick caught a glance
Of the extra large milk and the note shaped like Rudolph’s face.
“Dear Santa, Please be careful and stay warm.
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
We love you very much, but don’t be alarmed.
Please give all our presents to charity every year.”
Slowly St. Nick drank and ate and contemplated;
Reaching for the bag of gifts he had brought,
St. Nick carefully removed the presents and waited;
Should he do as the children wished or what he thought?
In his heart, St.Nick knew these children embodied the spirit of Christmas;
If anyone deserved gifts, it would be the ones that could let theirs go;
Without anymore hesitation, the gifts were placed under the tree at last;
Then away in the sled did St. Nick fly rumbling and laughing–“HOHOHO”.

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