Circle Cutting Tools for Scrapbooking and Card Making

Whether you are adding circles to your layouts as photo frames, decorative polka dots or journal tags; circles can add charm and detail to a plain, rectangular scrapbook page or handmade card. Since perfect circles are extremely difficult to create using scissors, scrapbook supply companies have begun offering products that are specifically for cutting circles. These tools will help you trace and cut circles in any size to add flair and personality to your scrapbook pages and homemade greeting cards. Best of all, these tools are extremely inexpensive to purchase, making them an affordable addition to your scrapbook supply collection.

Hole Punches

Hole punches are available at scrapbook supply stores in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to mix and match the sizes of your circular cutouts. A regular hole punch can be used to make miniature polka dots on your scrapbook page, while a one-inch hole punch or larger can be used to create miniature, circular journal tags for your photographs. Hole punches can even be used to punch small portions out of your photographs in a circular shape. Line a one-inch hole punch up over a face in a photograph and pop it out. Pop outs from your photos are perfect for adding to card fronts and scrapbook layouts alike.

Circle Cutter

A circle cutter is a flat board with a built in cutting instrument that works similarly to a compass. All scrapbook supply stores should carry circle cutters at an affordable price. To use a circle cutter, you simply insert the paper or card into the cutter and wrap the tool around to cut out the circle. The tool is adjustable, allowing you to make circles in a wide variety of sizes both small and large. Circle cutters are also unique in the fact they allow you to make circular or oval shapes that can be used as photo frames in your scrapbook layouts. You can also make fun, circular or oval shaped cards with ease using a circle cutter.

Precision Knife and Compass

An precision knife, commonly called an X-acto knife is a very easy to use cutting tool that allows you to make circles of any size. Trace a circle onto the paper using a compass and simply run the knife along the edges of the circle. Be careful when using a precision knife though, as the blade is extremely sharp and can easily injure you if it slips. When using a precision knife, it is advised you lay a piece of cardboard underneath the paper so the blade does not cut into or scratch your work surface.

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