Civilization 5 – Greek Civ Guide

The Greek empire in the video game Civilization 5 is one of many different types of civilizations in the game. This guide will give cover the benefits this civilization receives along with their leader, Alexander, the Hellenic League ability and their special units like the Companion Cavalry and Hoplite. There are no unique structures for the English in Civ 5.

Civilization Leader: Alexander III
Alexander III, otherwise referred to as Alexander the Great, was the king of Macedon which was a state in northern ancient Greece, reigning from 336 – 323 BC. He is well known for his expansion of territory for ancient Greece that resulted in several feats, notably the conquering of all of the Persian Empire. This pension for conquering is represented through Alexander’s eagerness to start wars early in the game. He is very competitive and expansionistic, will try to build a number of wonders and has a high chance of going for a diplomatic style victory with a strong influence of City-States.

Special Ability: Hellenic League
The special ability of the Greek empire in Civilization 5, Hellenic League, causes the influence they hold over city states to degrade at half of the normal speed and recovers from all various means at twice the normal rate. This means that pound for pound, anything done to gain hold over City-States by the Greek empire is 400% more effective than other civilizations. Crafty players will want to take full advantage of this and potentially make every possible City-State their ally for an immense upper-hand that can really turn the balance of the game in favor for them.

Special Unit #1: Companion Cavalry
The Greek civilization’s Companion Cavalry is a stronger version of the Classical era Horseman mounted unit, giving a couple of benefits over the latter which it replaces. They both have a similar cost, requiring the Horse strategic resource and 80 base production, differing with the Companion Cavalry having one extra movement point (5 up from 4) and 2 extra strength points (14 up from 12). In addition to these statistical bonuses, the Companion Cavalry has the ability to be likely to produce a Great General through combat, far more so than other units.

Special Unit #2: Hoplite
The Hoplite is Greek’s replacement for the Ancient era Spearman, with little in the way of particularly notable features other than a slight increase in strength over the unit it replaces. The Hoplite essentially gives the Greek empire a stronger defense against enemy mounted units which can translate into an early game advantage against any civ that has a high dependence on said units for their army, since it also retains the Spearman’s 100% bonus against all cavalry.

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