Cooped Up Kiddos

Being cooped up inside during the cold, winter months can cause a little bit of anxiety for just about anyone, but especially the kiddos. Kids need the outdoor adventures that get them breathing fresh air and exploring uncharted territories within their imaginations. Needless to say, the parents need for the kids to have those moments to. When being stuck indoors, try out some of these fun tips to keep kiddos entertained and enjoyable as you battle out the weather during the holiday seasons.

Firstly, make the inside exciting. Can you help your little ones construct a fort encompassing the entire second floor of your home? You can have the whole of the downstairs to yourself while you work through that daily checklist and the kids can explore the endless possibilities of their personal playland. Forts are a great way to mix up the monotony of day after day stuck inside and they inspire kiddos to stay active while they keep themselves entertained.

Secondly, do a family scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt ideas can be found all over the place online and the kids LOVE the excitement of the family challenge. Trust me, parents. Scavenger hunts get everyone involved in a physically and mentally stimulating activity while creating all sorts of fantastic family memories.

Thirdly, get the little one involved in the holiday festivities. For example, we are on a bit of a budget this year and I decided to make this great holiday treats for friends. My son jumped at the chance to smash up candy canes for peppermint bark and felt like the king of the world when I let him control the mixer speeds while we made cookie dough. Kids love interacting with parents and they relish in moments where they feel they’ve been given “big kid” responsibility.

Fourthly, have your son or daughter write a holiday letter to loved ones. When my grandmother gets a special letter or drawing from her great-grandson, she calls me immediately to thank him and almost always gets a bit misty. The letters can remind the kiddos how important family is and how even the smallest gesture can make someone’s day better. The letters also provide wonderful entertainment for the receiver. Last year, Erik’s great-grandmother received a chocolate-covered piece of notebook paper. He was quite proud and she was more than thrilled. Funny how that works, huh?

Finally, have your little one pick someone they’d like to help. For example, would they like to help an elderly person, a homeless child, or a stray dog? Well, it costs nothing but time for you to take them to visit with the old people in a nursing home or walk a dog at the animal shelter. They can write letters to soldiers in Afghanistan or take some cookies to the homeless shelter. Whatever it is, it teaches your wee one to be grateful for what they have, to help others, and it gives you an opportunity to set a great example for who you want your child to be.

Here’s to wishing you and your children a wonderful holiday season filled with fantastic memories and sweet moments together.

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