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Cozumel is a small island off the coast of Mexico, approximately 56 miles south of the more well-known tourist mecca of Cancun. With sunshine for about 350 days out of every year, the weather is perfect to enjoy Cozumel’s acclaimed sea life. Indeed, almost everything about Cozumel vacations is focused on enjoying the beaches and sea, as evidenced by the dozens of dive shops throughout the area.

You’ve likely already heard a lot of about Cozumel vacations if you’re a SCUBA diver. Cozumel is a mecca to divers, with many considering it one of the holy grails of all dive spots in the world. Dive-related merchants and tour companies are spread out all over the west side of the island, and boat guides are willing to work with you to plan an itinerary that will suit your interests and skill level. Experienced divers will want to visit Santa Rosa Wall, a dive with a rip current so strong you literally feel as if you’re flying underwater. Although it’s a very popular spot and thus quite crowded, most divers would agree that it’s worth the trip, even with the crowds. New divers might prefer Paradise Reef, with a shallow depth and much slower currents. Paradise Reef is loaded with sea life and a popular night dive, so underwater cameras are highly recommended.

Snorkeling is a great SCUBA alternative. Cozumel has water temperatures in the 80+ degree range year round, and underwater visibility in the 150 feet range. When combined with the fact that reefs are very close to Cozumel’s shores, providing a home to over 500 species of sea life, it’s easy to see why Cozumel’s snorkeling is just as impressive as its diving. For a true underwater adventure, you can rent a mini-submarine, also known as an underwater scooter. A large headpiece allows you to breath air while you zoom around on your propelled underwater vehicle. Finally, if you’re interested in learning about Cozumel’s underwater splendors but don’t want to get in the water, glass bottomed boat rides will give you a great view while staying dry.

If you’re a budget traveler, the Flamingo Hotel (not to be confused with the also nice Hotel Flamingo) is a highly ranked boutique hotel with rates in the $50/night range. Rooms are simple and clean, and the hotel staff and management are a wealth of information about what to do–and not do–in Cozumel. Wifi and a complimentary breakfast are included. This hotel has a prime downtown location, making a car unnecessary if you’re happy to stay in the vicinity or take a taxi. The Hacienda San Miguel Hotel & Suites is slightly more expensive, but features lush landscaping and kitchenettes, a great option if you’d like to save some money by dining in.

At the other end of the spectrum, Cozumel has its fair share of luxurious all-inclusive resorts. Meals, drinks (including alcohol beverages) and some activities are all included in the price. Cozumel Palace is one of the best known all-inclusive resorts on the island, and one of the priciest. The hotel is on the water and convenient for diving and snorkeling, but be aware there is no natural sandy beach. The pool area, however, stretches right out to the water’s edge. The hotel is thus perfectly suited for groups that include divers and non-divers. The great thing about Cozumel’s all-inclusive resort offerings is that they are widely varied for different tastes: whether you’re into spa treatments or sunbathing, you can find a resort for your interests.

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