Create a Cookie Mold from a Halloween Mask

Halloween will be rolling into view very soon and so will Halloween parties and decorations. You can take advantage of the season when the Halloween masks start coming out. The masks that have the elastic string, which slides over the head and keeps it on is your ticket to baking up one really big spooky cookie.

The masks can be used as molds. Turn the mask to the side that goes over the face. Pull the elastic string around the front of the mask to keep it out of the way. Sprinkle the mask with flour making sure to completely cover it entirely so that when you go to put in the cookie dough it won’t stick. You can make your own cookie dough or you can use ready made store bought that you slice and put on a baking sheet. If you use the store bought dough instead of slicing it to make a dozen cookies leave it as one big piece. Sit the piece into the mask and mash it to form the imprint. Turn the mask over onto a greased cookie sheet and give it a tap or two to knock the cookie out. You can spray the mask with grease instead of powdering it with flour to keep the cookie dough from sticking. Grease can make the removal of the cookie easier than with flour alone.

When the cookie is through baking and has cooled you can add the extra touches to give it the ghoulish finish. You can glaze it in green and stick on a raisin for a wart. You can use the scrapings of a carrot for bright orange hair and round the cutting of an apple into a fang. Decorating a cookie with a design is much simpler than trying to do it from scratch. After everyone has had a chance to see the cookie they’ll probably be ready to eat it.

Cut the cookie into slices like a cake and serve or when someone wants a piece of the cookie they can break it off.

Halloween masks give you the tools to create and imagine delicious eerie cookies but they can also be used in a similar fashion to mold bread dough. This gives you even more possibilities to spice up the Halloween season. You can surprise friends and family at the dinner table with frightful bread.

Unfortunately Halloween masks wouldn’t work magic in the cake department. You can’t bake the masks in the oven and you can’t maintain a solid form with cake batter.

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