Creative Ways to Decorate a Dog Leash

Leashes for dogs come in all styles and prices, and the fancier the leash, the higher the price. It is not necessary to buy it all decked out. They are fun and easy to decorate, and the personalization options are far greater than the selection available in any store. Try these creative ways to decorate a dog leash, and give your dog’s lead a little bling. He will not care what it looks like since dogs are happy to go anywhere with their best friend, but he will have the most eye-catching lead it town.

Precautionary Statement

Never allow your dog to play with or chew on his leash, especially if it includes decorations that might come off. Some of the following ways to decorate a dog lead could present a choking hazard if it is not properly stored.

Decorate the Dog Leash with Faux Gems

When looking for creative ways to decorate a dog leash, consider adding faux gems. Buy flat-backed faux gems from a craft store along with strong clear-drying glue. Apply a gem every two or three inches, and consider attaching gems to both sides. It will sparkle and shine in the sunlight, and it will look like a designer lead instead of the cheap ordinary nylon dog lead.

Stamp it with Tiny Glow-in-the-Dark Footprints

Decorate a dog lead with paint that will glow in the dark. Buy a bottle of acrylic craft paint in a color of your choice along with a small footprint stamp and a bottle of acrylic glow-in-the-dark glaze. Decorate the dog leash with footprints on both sides. After the paint dries, use a small craft brush to cover each one by hand with the glow-in-the-dark glaze. When the glaze is exposed to light and then placed in a dark location, it will glow surprisingly bright.

Decorate the Leash with Text

Do you think that your dog would have something funny to say if he could talk? Decorate the dog leash with text. Paint or stamp words, a name or a phrase along both sides of the leash using acrylic craft paint. It could say something like, “I’m taking my human for a walk” or “I’m the boss”. Decorate the leash with one of these phrases, or decorate it with a phrase of your own. It can be personalized in countless ways.

Decorate the Dog Lead with Over-Sized Beads

If you would rather not decorate the dog leash with paint or faux gems, how about adding large wooden beads? Thread the handle end of the leash through the first large wooden bead, and tie a knot on both sides. The dog leash must be extra long and narrow for this decorating technique to work. Tie on a bead every six inches. The beads and knots will beautifully decorate the dog leash in a unique and eye-catching new way.

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