Crocheting: My Favorite Winter Hobby

My favorite winter hobby, since I was about 9, is crocheting and it’s very relaxing to me. My friends and family benefit greatly from my hobby as I keep them supplied with doilies, hats, afghans and other gifts. Additionally, this year I crocheted over 75 hats to donate to our local tree of sharing, a program to give children in needy families Christmas gifts.

My hobby can get very expensive. Yarns and crochet threads are pricey items. I have however discovered affordable ways for my hobby that are both economical and very green. I stumbled on this over the last few years and to this day I always try these methods first.

I take advantage of thrift stores (and similar venues). I peruse all of these venues for yarns at steeply discounted prices. Sometimes someone has to move and doesn’t want to take their collection with them, other times someone has passed away that had a hobby similar to mine and they had stashes and stashes of yarn that no one in the family wants.

I often make an offer and get several large bags of yarn for under $10. I once went to a yard sale where they had 5 large black trash bags filled with crochet thread, each bag was $1. I walked away with all 5 of the large trash bags and went home to sort my bounty. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased any more crochet thread since that purchase. Since a doily can go from anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending upon how intricate the pattern is I felt that the $5 was a real bargain.

Another time I just happened into a thrift store at the right time. A lady in our local area was moving and getting rid of her excessive yarn collection. I told the clerk at the desk that I wanted the yarn before they ever sorted it. I offered $20 for all of it. When they found out I wanted to make hats for the tree of sharing they gave me the yarn for free.

The last way I get yarn is to unravel an unattractive sweater that is either in my closet and I’m tired of or to purchase one at a thrift store (or similar venue). Either way, I am supplied with plenty of materials for my winter hobby.

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