Dado Cubes Award Winning Toy – Review

Used by Occupational Therapists and many gifted children, Dado Cubes are among the top picks for educational toys. Having received the Exceptional Parent Symbol of Excellence, Dado Cubes are fun but also offer a host of educational benefits. Dado Cubes offer including problem solving, developing critical thinking skills and more (

Every generation has a favorite set of blocks and cubes, and today Dado Cubes are definitely the “it cubes.” The popular toys are among the most highly recommended toys by professionals from several fields, which see the popular Dado Cubes as a toy which promotes problem solving skills and visual spatial development. The popular toys require interaction, and also encourage children to use their imagination and creativity, while playing with the cubes,

Dado Cubes are designed to easily interlock, and provide the opportunity for users to be creative and original, in creating unlimited 3-D structures. Each set of Dado Cubes features 10 cubes in sizes from 1″ to 5″ high. Made from durable heavy gauge plastic, Dado Cubes are safe and extremely popular among children of all ages.

Dado Cubes are particularly favorite among Occupational Therapists, educators, and scientists, which all find the unique toy to be extremely valuable in child development and visual spatial play, thus encouraging children to visualize images. The use of Dado Cubes also enforces children to recognize form and pattern as it relates to space. The use of the toy among group members also promotes socialization, and sharing of ideas, as children discuss their building goals.

Recommended for children 3 years and up, Dado Cubes have been rated 8.7 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of toy value by the Fat Brain methodology research . In terms of toy IQ index, Dado Cubes are rated 166 on a scale of 0 up to 180, with 166 ranging as high genius. Dado Cubes can be found online for under $30.

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