Dallas Based Venture Capital Firm Searching for Emerging Growth Companies

Dallas Texas based consulting and venture capital firm Network Transparency, Inc. held a conference call today to announce their new search program to discover emerging growth companies whose technology can perhaps jump start economic recovery and innovation. Companies will be integrated into their existing portfolio of companies and strategic partnerships.

According to a company spokesperson during the conference call, “Innovation and entrepreneurship has historically been the cornerstone of growth in the United States. New emerging markets tied into technology will fuel a much-needed global economic recovery. Yet the two tools most emerging businesses lack is essential business fundamentals and revenue.”

The conference call was held via an online video streaming platform. Network Transparency who offers consulting and venture capital services has created a portfolio of companies and partners that work within an area of technology called, “Next Generation Technology”. Next generation technology is considered next-generation networks based on Internet technologies built around the Internet Protocol, IP. Essentially the technology that is empowering the mobile wireless revolution.

Mr. David Butler, Vice President of Operations was interviewed after the conference call via the telephone. Mr. Butler stated, “We are excited about the possibilities of working with companies of all sizes, including start-ups with capital, to support their companies by taking them to the next level as we integrating them into our portfolio of companies and partners who have already existing and established products and services. We are also very interested in working with other venture capital firms so we can ensure all companies who submit their innovated business plans are provided the opportunity to take their companies to the next level so no one is left behind “

According to Network Transparency’s website, they are committed to creating economic growth and jobs by helping small to medium sized business, both private and publicly traded, integrate their products and services into already established and existing sales and distribution channels by creating strategic partnerships and/or joint ventures with Fortune 1000 organizations.

During the conference call it was stated, “Most start-up companies continually search for financial capital yet lack the expertise to market and sell their products and/or services. Business development is the key to growth tied into embracing and implementing cutting edge next generation technology. Unfortunately this is an area most companies lack the expertise and/or knowledge let alone know who to search for funding.”

“Network Transparency provides consulting and funding services for companies who need to cross from point A to B to establish its products and/or services with the ability to access venture capital ranging from start-up, early stage and growth companies ranging from $250,000 to $50 million”, stated Mr. Butler.

Mr. Butler continued, “American investors are faced with uncertainty regarding employment and are worried about an economy that continues to slump. Network Transparency is in a strong position to jump start the economy across the United States. We believe America’s long-term growth will come from emerging growth technologies. It is our responsibility to open our doors and foster such growth. Our team is eager to search out and find exciting new technologies within the information technology, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, and public sector. Companies will have direct access to our services including private and public investors. We are also very excited to work with investors from around the world who are looking for the next Google’s and Apple’s to emerge through next generation technology.

Network Transparency is located in Dallas, Texas. The company was informally started back in 1995 as it has provided services to well known technology companies, many of whom were created when the Internet was first launch.

To find out more information about Network Transparency you can visit www.networktransparency.com .

According to Mr. Butler, companies can contact the company directly to submit business plans as it is the hope of the Network Transparency team to provide our unique services for the years to come.

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