Dallas Cowboy’s Fan Season Journal Entry #8

Watching the game yesterday reminded me of my 8th birthday. August 8th 1965, my older sister took me to Six Flags Over Texas. It had been my dream to go to Six Flags, but I had to wait to be tall enough for the rides. Why go if you could not ride the rides, that was what I had been told so often. Finally in the early summer of 1965, I was tall enough. My mom dropped us at the front gate, I was so excited. The Run-away Mine Train, that was the only thing on my mind. I was so excited, I was going to ride the roller coaster, small by today’s standards, it was the big ride back then. We waited in line, the excitement building, my stomach was doing flip flops. We were lucky that day, got the front car on the train. We boarded and reality set in, there was no turning back now. Fear overcame that 8 year old little boy, I gripped the bar holding us in for all I was worth. The train started off slowly, I can still remember the clicking sound it made. As the clicking got louder, and faster, my grip got tighter. It was over in a matter of minutes, but I will never forget it. It was my first roller coaster, and now it is nothing compared to the giant coasters around the world.
It hit me watching the game yesterday, we are all riding THE ROMO COASTER at JERRY’S WORLD, the premier roller coaster of our time. The highs are high, the lows are low, and going from one to the other, takes seconds. You can lose your stomach quickly, not unlike the Texas Giant, but unlike the Texas Giant, this ride may never end while Romo is playing. But like the Texas Giant fans, Cowboy fans will keep coming back, buying tickets, and leave shaking their heads in amazement.
The game started off like we would all like them all to start. The Cowboys moved the ball against a good Detroit defense like it was a high school team. The Cowboys defense got an early interception and the Boys were in great field position. 4 minutes later Romo to Bryant and the Cowboys were up 7 to 0. The roller coaster was on it’s way up. The defense holds, Detroit punts, and the offense is back on the field. Detroit stops Dallas on 4th and inches on the goal line, and the coaster started down the hill. Another punt and the ride continues. Romo and the offense march right down and Dez Bryant gets his second touchdown, the Cowboys go up by 14. The defense keeps playing well, Detroit punts, Bailey kicks a field goal, and the lead is now 17 to 0. The Romo Coaster is moving at break neck speed, looking good. The teams trade field goals and it is 20 to 3 at the half.
The second half starts where the first left off, Dallas marches right down and scores. 3 minutes into the second half and it is 27 to 3 Dallas. The Romo Coaster has reached its peak. No where to go but down, and down it goes out of control. This is the first game Tony Romo has ever thrown 5 for touchdowns, problem being 2 of them were to Detroit players. Cowboy fans were watching the worst collapse in Cowboy’s history.
Up by 24 in the second half, and everything that could go wrong did. Yes the Romo Coaster jumped the track, the cars full of fans went in every direction, broken hearts everywhere.
The problem is not as obvious as it seems, yes Romo throw 2 picks for touchdowns, but why? Dallas has no running game. That is the flaw they cannot overcome. First and goal, and stuffed from the 6 inch line. Throwing on first down up by 24, the pass Carpenter ran back for a touchdown was on first down. Why were we throwing? Back in the day, the Cowboys would have handed the ball to Emmit and let the big boys up front just knock someone backwards. They would have ran the clock down, and won the game. Yes the Romo Coaster crashed and burned, but if the Cowboys had a running game, the ride would have been over before the Lions could have comeback, with or without Romo’s help. I wonder if Jerry Jones is questing his decisions to let Columbo, Davis, and Gurode go. The offensive line, management, and coaches all deserve some of the blame for the Romo Coaster crashing and burning in this game. The Cowboys are off next week with a bye, comes at a good time for us all. The players need rest, the coaches need time to re-evaluate the game plan, and the fans need time to watch some Rangers Baseball, they have a running game.

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