‘Dancing with the Stars’ 13: Nancy Grace Talks “Stiff Competition” on ‘DWTS’ 13 Cast Lineup

“Dancing with the Stars” 13 contestant, Nancy Grace, talks about the “stiff competition” she’ll face within the fall 2011 cast. Once the official contestants for “DWTS” 13 was announced on Monday, August 29 during “Bachelor Pad” season 2, Grace talked to On The Red Carpet about her participation on ABC’s biggest reality show.

Known as a tough-talking former legal commentator with pointed views on today’s biggest crimes, Nancy Grace, confesses that she’s no match for some of the big names listed on the “DWTS” 13 cast.

Nancy Grace tells OTRC, “I may not be the youngest, the prettiest, and certainly not the skinniest, and I don’t know how to dance, but I’ve got a lot of heart.”

The fiery blonde is well respected and will be a fan favorite on “Dancing with the Stars” 13. Will this help with viewer votes? Grace begins “DWTS” without any prior dance experience, which relates to many fans. She probably doesn’t believe she’s the youngest or the prettiest, but she’ll be a winner to a number of viewers. If she’s anything like she is as a television host on the dance floor, she’ll earn high scores and votes from callers.

In an interview posted on TMZ, Nancy noted that she won’t be getting any votes from acquitted Tot Mom, Casey Anthony. She firmly believes Anthony is responsible for the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Official cast for “DWTS” 13 include: David Arquette, Hope Solo, Rob Kardashian, Chaz Bono, Carson Kreesley, Elisabetta Canalis, Kristin Cavallari, Chynna Phillips, Ron Artest, Ricki Lake, and JR Martinez.

“Dancing with the Stars” 13 premieres Monday, Sept. 19 at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

Sources: OTRC O

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