Daylight Savings 2011: When to Set Clocks Back 2011

Ah, Daylight Savings. Here in Arizona, we find the entire concept to be utterly pointless, and refuse to participate. Hawaii is apparently the only other state in the nation that agrees with us, leaving 48 that don’t. That doesn’t stop us from standing up for what we believe in, though. Not one bit. Or something like that. (It could also just be the government knows the heat fries our brains and we would forget to observe Daylight Savings Time even if it were initiated.)

Elsewhere, each year, the changing of clocks rules the day. All you slaves to the clock, mark your calendars now: for Daylight Savings 2011, that day is November 6.

Daylight Savings 2011 Ends November 6 For 48 States

Assuming you don’t live in Arizona or Hawaii, two things are true: your winters suck more than ours do, and you can feel free to set your clocks back a full hour either before bed Saturday Nov. 5, or on the morning of Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011. This means you get an extra hour of sleep, time to work out before work (which just seems wrong to us), or the luxury of an extended-length breakfast, complete with weekday morning talk shows and two cups of coffee.

If you live in Arizona or Hawaii, of course, you get none of that. However, you also avoid losing that hour you’re saving now when Spring rolls back around. Then again, that comes with its own bonus: being late to work or school with little to no consequences. Still, chances are, we have more annual days of sunshine than wherever you are reading this. Winning!

Sorry, we couldn’t resist a Charlie Sheen reference. It’s been days, and we’re starting to feel like….well, like Charlie Sheen might feel when he can’t get his hands on any coke or hookers. If he’s ever experienced such a feeling. Bitchin’ rock stars from Mars generally have an near-endless supply of coke and hookers, so we kind of doubt it. Besides, if he runs out, he can just conjure some up. That’s something warlocks do, right? Conjure? Forget it. Why are we even talking about Charlie Sheen? It may have been the phrase “little to no consequences”. Yup, pretty sure that was it.

We hope you have found this article to be both informative and ridiculous. Enjoy Daylight Savings 2011!

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