Dear Kim Kardashian, You Missed a Golden Opportunity

Congratulations on your recent wedding! It was quite the lavish affair and apparently you spared no expense in making sure that everything about your big day was over the top. You wore not one, not two, but three designer gowns during your “fairy tale” extravaganza. The ceremony took place in a chapel custom built just for the occasion. It seems that no detail was overlooked. In fact, some compared the event to a royal wedding. If it were true that the amount of money spent on a wedding correlated to future happiness, you would certainly be in for a lifetime of bliss.

I just wish you had used this opportunity to encourage charitable donations. How wonderful it would have been if you had given up that third gown and instead made a generous donation to one of thousands of worthy charities. Many couples today forgo registering for gifts because they have been on their own for awhile and just don’t need another toaster or want fancy dishes. Instead, they register at sites like where their wedding guests can give a monetary gift to one or more designated charitable organizations. The site’s “I Do Foundation” also lists other ways to include charitable giving on your special day. For example, in lieu of favors, the bride and groom could instead make a gift to a struggling charity. Kim, I find it very hard to believe that you don’t already have everything you need, yet you registered for a whopping $170,000 worth of merchandise!

Well, good luck to you both and I hope your hearts lead you to an awareness of the good that you could do in the world with your financial blessings. I heard you say in your four hour television special that your family is not about material things… seriously? I never would have guessed.

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