Decorating a Kid’s Room: How to Compromise

When it comes to home accessories and decor for a child’s room, many parents and children have different opinions on what is best for the space. Of course, children don’t typically take home decor into account when they are thinking of their bedroom space, nor do they consider the different home accessories for the space. This is where a parent comes in. However, it’s important to compromise and work together with your child to create a space that they’ll love and be less tempted to destroy.

Ask First, Decorate Second

The most important thing you should do before up and redecorating your child’s room is to ask exactly what it is they’d like to see in their space. It may be tempting for them to follow and choose home accessories that represent their current favorite movie, but this may not be the best idea money-wise. Children change their mind frequently, so investing in a room decorated entirely based off a recent movie can be a huge drain on the wallet; especially when your child begins throwing a fit because their space isn’t up-to-date with their latest movie obsession.

Work with Color, Rather than Specifics

A child’s room needs to be flexible so it can accommodate their changing tastes as they grow. To do this, it’s best to work with color rather than to work with specific themes, such as a movie, cartoon or comic book. Colors can easily be swapped out as tastes change, especially if it’s paint that needs to be updated. Paint is inexpensive and can be a great way to let your color have some say in the home decor of their space.

Paint is an important part of home decor, but it’s also easily updated or swapped out if needed. So don’t be afraid to let your child choose bold hues. Keep in mind, they can typically be painted over for less than $50.

Wall Art

Wall art is expensive, so you may not want to invest in expensive pieces for your child’s space. Consider purchasing large poster frames and then swapping out movie posters or other themed wall art for the space. You can often find different posters online for around $5 a piece, making it an easy way to incorporate some wall decor into the space without breaking the bank.


When choosing furniture, your child may have less of an opinion, making it easier for you to select pieces with little to no interference. When choosing furniture for a child’s bedroom, be sure to choose pieces that will not only grow with them over the years, but will also provide plenty of adequate storage as their storage needs change. One year they may be using their storage cubby for toys, but eventually they may store books or electronic gadgets and other items as they grow older.

When decorating a child’s room, it’s important to work together with your child rather than to pick everything for them. Young children need to feel independence and allowing them to choose certain elements of their own room can help significantly.

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