Democrats and Republicans Cause Destructive Tornadoes and Zombie Apocalypse Education Some Believe

When it comes to anything horrible in the world, politics and religion come into play for the reasons why they happen. One prime example is the recent tornadoes that started earlier than normal in 2012. The other prime example is the recent news release of Michigan State University offering survival classes for a zombie apocalypse.

Some could consider with the recent events of the devastating tornadoes as a reason to take a survival course. With that in mind, the zombie apocalypse survival class could have already been added to the college’s curriculum. Even if zombies don’t spawn after a tornado outbreak, knowing how to survive in any disaster can be useful.

Tornadoes are Caused by Democrats and Republicans

I never would think people could be so crazy when it comes to blaming deadly weather on democrats and republicans. I have been proven wrong this time.

Then again, when something extreme happens, politics come into play. What people need to get a grip on is the weather doesn’t care about democrats, republicans, leftists, rightists, and liberals. Tornadoes will eat anything in its path, including politicians.

Zombie Apocalypse Education is Blamed on Democrats and Republicans

Since teaching a class at Michigan State University on Surviving a Zombie Apocalypsewill get you labeled as a liberal, why not go all out and teach people how to survive the impending doom of the world? After all, tornadoes are the work of democrats, republicans, liberals, and right and left wing nutjobs.

It could be that we are already seeing a zombie apocalypse with so many political views being thrown out there.

One thing I find funny is this news story that came out after Romney wins the Republican GOP Primary in his home state Tuesday, February 28, 2012. It seems people may be onto something with zombies and politicians. The things that come out of politicians mouths is so mind numbing, they are turning their voters into zombies.

Then again, teaching such a class in college isn’t any worse than the “no child left behind” in public schools. It seems it doesn’t matter that kids can’t read, write, and do arithmetic. Sounds like the making of zombies to me who haven’t morphed into a full flesh eaten body yet.

In the comments of both articles, people believe politics and religion are the reasons why the tornadoes happened and why educators are the bane of education’s existence. While none of this is true, people seem to want to believe it is true.

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