Dissatisfied or Have Questions About Product Performance? Contact the Company

When we consumers purchase items, for the most part we are satisfied with the product and all is well. Occasionally, we buy a product or food item that may be defective or does not meet the quality standards set by the company. I have found that a phone call, email or respectful letter outlining your complaint resolves the problem most of the time.

I recently purchased a laundry powder detergent that had some dark, gummy specks that had never been present in this product on previous occasions. At first I dismissed the nagging questions in my head but then I decided to call the toll free number and ask the question about the presence of the dark, gummy specks. My call was respectfully and courteously handled by the customer service representative and a plausible explanation was given for the cause of the dark specks. It was not something that should be present and I received an apology from the customer service representative for the product inferiority and for any inconvenience I may have experienced. The company representative carefully listened to my concerns, entered the information into its computer system and assured me that the quality control department would be notified of the problem to make them aware of the specks. At the conclusion of our telephone conversation, I was once again given an apology for my inferior product and then told that to make amends I would receive two coupons for two free purchases of the laundry detergent. The coupons arrived much ahead of the scheduled date, and I am grateful and appreciative for the manner in which my product issue was handled.

As a consumer, I would advise that if you have a concern or complaint about a product or item that you have purchased, speak up and let your concerns be heard. A letter of complaint written respectfully and factually or a courteous telephone call or email does much to help the company rectify the situation and prevent other similar occurrences. Most companies value their customers’ business and want to hear from you not only when the product meets your satisfaction but also when your expectations for product quality are unmet. Don’t allow yourself to be convinced that “it won’t make any difference if you call and register and complain because nobody is going to hear you”…or other such negative thoughts. Present your questions or concerns in a coherent, honest manner and contact the company to voice your concerns. By taking action, the company is made aware of product problems and you do a service to your fellow consumers in assisting the company in improving product quality. Speak up and you will be heard and appreciated. Remember the old retail adage that states the customer is always right. Well, maybe not always, but most of the time!

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