Eye Candle

Playing around with candle making techniques I’ve come up with some really great candles, as well as ones I just threw in the trash. When you’re trying this, and trying that, sometimes it doesn’t end well, and other times it does. Experimenting one day, I made a candle that looked like an eye, but not in a ghoulish, Halloween-type way. It was actually very pretty. It’s kind of a candle in a candle and, when you make one, you’ll create an unusual home accent that will have others asking where you got it.

There’s more than one way to make an eye candle. If you don’t want to melt and pour, just use wax crystals. They’re sold at craft stores and, although you don’t have to melt them, they burn just like a regular candle. Choose a round container, or even an eye-shaped vessel, as the mold. The most simple way to make the eye candle is to set a votive in the middle. The votive should have no container and can be any eye color, like brown, blue, or green. Surround the votive with white wax crystals, and fill them so that they go up to the top edge of the votive.

If you have no votive to make the eye candle just use the wax crystals alone. Take a piece of foil, fold it to make it thicker, then turn it into a short cylinder shape. Tape the ends to secure. Set this mold in the middle of the chosen eye mold and set the wick in it. Pour colored crystals into the middle, white ones into the remainder of the container, then carefully pull out the foil.

With melt and pour wax you can make yet another eye candle. One way is to use a votive, as mentioned above, and set it in the middle of the chosen eye container. Melt white wax and pour it around the votive. It might be necessary to pour the white wax, allow it to set, then top it off with a bit more wax. Allow the candle to set, then leave it in the container, or pop it out.

To make the eye candle from scratch, pour a votive, and allow it to set. Then, follow the above directions to pour wax around it. No matter which type of eye candle you make, you’ll have a lot of fun, and you won’t end up with something ghoulish. To enhance the look apply false eyelashes to the container itself. The pretty eye is a nice candle for a bedroom or another area of the home.

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