Fallen Friend

In each life some sun must shine;
It came too soon for you.
Just a couple of days ago
That ice cold north wind blew.

It brought white snowflakes from the sky,
Inspired in me a plan;
With just a little help from Dad,
I built my own snowman.

I gave you eyes, a mouth, and nose,
A hat upon your head;
I tried a coat, it wouldn’t fit,
Threw on a scarf instead.

You watched me run around the yard,
And, oh, what fun I had;
I even got into a snowball fight with Mom and Dad.

And all the neighbors passing by
Admired you, my new friend;
I was so proud of you,
But then the day came to an end.

And here we are, ‘neath sunny skies,
And you have gone away.
But I know I will ne’er forget
The way I felt that day.

I’m sad, it’s true, that you are gone,
But this one thing I know;
I know we’ll meet again one day,
I’ll just wait for it to snow.

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