Famous Sports Birthdays on September 5

You ever wondered what famous sports personalities were born today? This is a series that will list some of the most famous sports birthdays on each day. These sports figures will often come from the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL. There will also be birthdays from other sports like NASCAR and professional golf. We will also say happy birthday to the most famous people in MMA, boxing and the Olympics.

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1874-1959 Nap Lajoie, American baseball player, Hall of Fame second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies

1936 Bill Mazeroski, American baseball player, Hall of Fame second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates

1956 Steve Denton, tennis player (world’s fastest tennis serve-138 mph)

1960 Willie Gault, bob sledder/NFL receiver (Chicago Bears, LA Raiders), won a Super Bowl with the Bears

1971 Kim Maher, Saigon Vietnam, US softball infielder (Olympics-gold-96)

1985 Ryan Guy, American soccer player

1986 Colt McCoy, American football player, QB for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL

1990 Kim Yu-Na, Korean figure skater who won Gold in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

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