Five Things Charlie Sheen Would Say at the Dinner Table

The Hollywood Bad Boy Charlie Sheen has been making headlines for his crazy antics and highly quotable phrases. Sheen recently adopted the sober lifestyle and is working on keeping his checkered past behind him.

Charlie Sheen has been a real crowd favorite in the media lately because he was fired from his hit show “Two and a Half Men” and he was later replaced by Ashton Kutcher you have to feel bad for the guy.

Don’t feel sorry for Sheen because where one door closes another door opens. In spite of the fact Sheen is getting roasted September 19, 2011 on Comedy Central so I decided to do a little roasting of my own.

I wanted to take a different approach rather than roasting Sheen I decided on five things Charlie Sheen would say at the dinner table. Let’s have a look shall we?

1. Oh I’m supposed to remove the cigarette before ingesting gotcha. 2. Can you pass the tiger’s blood? 3. Is that my psychotic psychosis or yours? 4. This turkey has white meat and dark meat must be bipolar. 5. These mashed potatoes are winning.

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